You must know at least one programming language: Girish Singhania, CEO, EduBridge Learning


Digital skills are crucial when the pandemic has pushed everything online. It is essential to know at least one programming language.

Wheebox’s India Skills Report 2022 found that less than half of young Indians are employable and the highest age range for employment is 22 to 25 years old. He noted that in addition to digital skills, potential candidates lack the basic aptitude to apply logic, analysis and creativity. “This implies that training, skills upgrading and retraining must not stop as this is what will help professionals build sustainable careers,” said Girish Singhania, CEO of EduBridge Learning, in an interview with Vikram Chaudhary from FE. Excerpts:

What can be the roadmap for solving unemployment problems through a qualifying intervention?

We need to focus on two things: 1. Integration of skills: The new education policy has raised the urgent need to integrate vocational skills into the regular formal education curriculum. This problem must be resolved at the local level. The skills should be implemented from the student’s formative years, until the learner graduates from college and enters employment. Skills at all stages need to be standardized. Government and policy makers have taken several steps in this direction, but we still lack the kind of infrastructure to train millions of learners, and that’s when and how edtech companies like us can fill this gap. for these young learners and professionals. 2. Online learning: It took off well because of the pandemic. EduBridge recently celebrated its 12th anniversary and for most of those years we have been operating using the physical setups and academy models. We had about 100 such career academies spread across the country and all of our courses were offered face-to-face in a classroom setting. We also had to digitize our processes and move to hybrid and blended training models. Initially, learners were reluctant to switch to the online format, but our master trainers made online education a snap! Therefore, learners who were once against the concept of online learning are now starting to believe that online learning is not exactly impossible. We have successfully placed thousands of learners during the pandemic over the past 18 months in large organizations in BFSI, IT and other industries. Online learning is here to stay.

What emerging skills do companies need for a hybrid way of working?
Digital skills are crucial when the pandemic has pushed everything online. It is essential to know at least one programming language. Employers are also looking for employees who can multitask and wear multiple hats within the company, and this is only possible if they are versatile.

Why did you partner with Capgemini and Amazon Web Services?
This is a unique opportunity for non-tech learners to move into the tech realm. AWS re / Start, Capgemini and EduBridge have come together to provide learners with relevant cloud-related training which has been created by AWS, supported by Capgemini and will be implemented by EduBridge. This program will develop the skills required for the role of a practitioner or cloud engineer.

What are your extension projects?
We are now entering the hyper-growth phase, where over the next 12 months we envision extremely rapid evolution and growth through our online portal and career-focused services for young people.

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