Yemen: Education Cluster – Costed Activity Framework and Guidance Notes – 2022 – Yemen




In 2022, the Education Cluster will work with 80 partners and aims to provide education services and assistance to approximately 5.6 million children of 8.5 people in need. The 10.6 million girls and boys of school age represent a third of Yemen’s population.

Capitalizing on the continued efforts and continued response of education partners to the difficult and complex conditions posed by the protracted crisis in Yemen, the Education Cluster adheres to a needs-based approach to programming. This involves the identification and prioritization of populations in need within the framework of HNO 2022 and relies on a gravity analysis to target the most disadvantaged population groups, including those in areas of high severity of needs. at sub-district, community and school/learning space levels.

The Yemen Education Cluster (YEC) plan aims for safety and an inclusive learning environment that promotes the well-being and resilience of girls, boys, internally displaced children, children with disabilities, out-of-school children, caregivers and the most vulnerable educational personnel. It also requires supporting the education system to deliver quality, inclusive and relevant education that protects diverse learners and empowers their caregivers.


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