Xandr adds Scibids AI tools to its demand-side advertising platform


NEW YORK—Xandr and Scibids, a provider of AI tools for digital marketing, announced that Scibids AI will be deployed within Xandr’s DSP Invest using Xandr’s Data Science Toolkit.

The result will provide Xandr’s Invest DSP clients with frictionless access to cutting-edge technology that adapts buying strategies and deepens proprietary insights.

Using Xandr’s data science toolkit, a comprehensive custom bidding and log-level data solution, Scibids AI is able to drive more granular ad decisioning and optimization that doesn’t require tracking and user profiling to drive greater efficiency and scale for Xandr’s advertiser clients and their campaigns, the companies said.

“Along with our clients, Xandr has pioneered custom bidding strategies and advanced log-level data (LLD) collaborations that power some of the most innovative and sophisticated buying strategies,” said Sarah Harms. , group vice president of buy-side platform sales at Xandr. “Now that the market is more mature, buyers are looking to implement tailored buying strategies to achieve better results that are more aligned with their business needs. Whereas historically, deploying custom models required in-house expertise in data science and engineering, Xandr’s collaboration with Scibids brings custom models to the mainstream, making it easier for all buyers to implement bespoke strategies, regardless of their programmatic maturity.

“AI drives expectations in marketing, as it does in virtually every other industry, especially the open web, which requires independent and interoperable advertising decision-making. The challenges for advertisers increase every day as as digital marketing investments increase and become an increasingly critical contributor to business growth,” said Eric Schwartz, Managing Director for North America at Scibids. “Advertisers looking to grow their business on Xandr’s Invest DSP can now easily enable Scibids AI to responsibly and measurably scale their business goals across paid media channels.”

The relationship will benefit all premium cross-channel offerings, including connected TV and digital video, the two companies said, adding that for those stepping up their use of first-party data, Scibids and Xandr offer a clear path. towards better marketing results – even if the client does not have deep engineering, data science or media optimization resources.

More sophisticated buyers, on the other hand, can enjoy rich customization options that can put their proprietary knowledge to work for the unified benefits of the Xandr and Scibids platforms.


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