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Using Positron’s and World Cinema’s RF expertise enables property managers to deliver fast, economical and reliable gigabit Internet speeds to MDU tenants.

Experienced in upgrading and optimizing outdated network cabling, World Cinema uses by Positron Access Solutions to sustainably improve connectivity in multi-family communities. The partnership enables in-depth analysis of the specifics of the wiring and as-built electrical diagrams of active properties in order to design a custom cabling solution to accommodate, rather than replace, each property’s unique pre-existing infrastructure.

Using Positron’s and World Cinema’s RF expertise enables property management companies to deliver fast, cost-effective and reliable gigabit Internet speeds to their tenants in multi-dwelling units (MDUs). By taking advantage of existing telephone and coaxial cabling, property management companies can improve their service levels without the need to renovate the building, which can be costly and disruptive. This way, property management companies can increase the values ​​they offer with an impressive return on investment and minimal capital outlay.

The transformative nature of applications will make community-wide Wi-Fi an industry standard in MDU environments. The extensive installation of smart building systems, including cameras, sensors, environmental controls, and asset tracking systems, is becoming essential equipment for a better resident experience. Residents will come to view community Wi-Fi systems as a building asset, much as they view rooftops, common area access controls, walkways and parking lots today. Owners who do not follow these developments will see the quality and capitalized value of their communities suffer.

The application extends the life of existing cables, including standard telephone wiring, coaxial cable, overhead power lines and plastic optical fiber.

Environmental and economic benefits

The application extends the life of existing cables, including standard telephone wiring, coaxial cable, overhead power lines and plastic optical fiber. In addition to providing future-proof technology, the application is a financially sound investment to improve existing structures and meet the growing need for reliable connectivity.

The benefits of are multiplied tenfold, both from an economic and an environmental point of view. Instead of removing and replacing antiquated coax or paired telecom cabling systems, World Cinema and Positron teams can build on existing structures and advance connectivity through application implementation Cabling reuse reduces the number of trucks, eliminates the need to manufacture and ship fiber (typically from Asia), and does not require decommissioning or recycling of existing cabling. This saves energy and eliminates unnecessary gas emissions that amplify the greenhouse effect.

Some benefits of a multiwire standard include lower equipment development costs and deployment costs for service providers. Additionally, as the World Cinema solution is specifically designed to work over existing cabling solutions, high efficiency is achieved by reusing existing coaxial cable. Building on the existing system eliminates the need for large construction projects typically required to remove structured cabling and associated infrastructure.

The advantages of

The system is designed to improve property-wide connectivity. Designed to minimize interference, is a full-spectrum solution for high-density, multi-family housing.

Through this process, the application can optimize the coaxial cabling spectrum to achieve higher bandwidth than DOCSIS 3.1 in the upstream and downstream directions. With, multi-family properties can provide advanced connectivity services, including 4K IPTV and VoIP, with minimal interference, as the program does not use any spectrum that overlaps with CATV content.

For example, access points and quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) can exist simultaneously without interference. Properties currently using QAM infrastructure for CATV will still benefit from the addition of The downfall of a QAM system is higher power consumption, while is environmentally friendly and provides higher-speed links for larger systems, such as TVs and set-top boxes. This is beneficial for the multi-family communities that World Cinema works with. Providing lower cost and environmentally friendly solutions compatible with existing wiring is a priority to ensure a better and simpler structure. Additionally, advancements in connectivity are designed to dynamically allocate bandwidth per subscriber, establishing the solution as a necessity for future-proofing growing communities.

Brownfield Healthy Process

World Cinema has developed a proven process to ensure successful and sustainable deployment in existing (brownfield) properties:

  • In-depth site surveys: The World Cinema site survey begins with a careful analysis of each property’s unique needs. Built from the ground up, the solution adapts to each property’s unique plans and connectivity requirements. Site surveys are essential to ensure systems are updated in the most cost-effective way for each property’s connectivity needs.
  • Minimum interruption: The deployment process is aligned to complement, rather than disrupt, established occupancy change processes. With little to no downtime, the installation enables property-wide connectivity, allowing residents to immediately connect to the internet without re-authorization as they move around the property.
  • Continuous Support: World Cinema and Positron provide subscribers with an extensive support team dedicated to the ongoing development and operation of each property, designing custom and scalable solutions to ensure the network is both a sustainable and buildable foundation for technologies to come, such as Web 3.0, Wi-Fi 7 and 5G. The answer is a profitable, long-term technology partnership. Likewise, technology is designed to be adapted and improved to grow in tandem with each property, working together to meet any future needs that may arise. Additionally, the partnership provides subscribers with instant support and remote system management from the World Cinema Service Center, a 24/7/365 multi-level support system located in Houston, TX. As consumers increasingly rely on connectivity, ongoing customer service is increasingly essential for multi-family communities.

Lessons learned

The installation of the GAM solution by the WCI team highlighted the importance of a careful site survey prior to deployment, applicable to the reuse of coaxial and telephone cabling with

For MDUs where telephone wiring will be reused, the continuity of pairs currently used for VDSL2 or even telephone service (POTS), requires no further validation as is permissive and will work without further pair qualification or grooming. For unused pairs, performing a continuity test using the same tools and techniques used for 20 years for xDSL is essential. Bad pairs can then be identified and repaired if necessary.

When reusing coaxial cabling, it is essential to understand how each room or apartment is connected. Most MDUs are wired with coax “home run” cabling to a familiar location (MDF, IDF, or outdoors near the building), where taps or splitters can be installed point-to-multipoint to reduce cost connectivity of each subscriber. Unlike CATV and DOCSIS, does not require coaxial amplifiers or fine tuning with attenuation taps. If cohabitation with CATV is required, the signal should be injected downstream of the CATV/DOCSIS amplifier with a simple 2:1 combiner. Otherwise, in case of migration to IPTV or streaming, these amplifiers and attenuation sockets should be removed as they are no longer useful.

For some properties, a full site survey is not always an option. For example, a property with approximately 450 doors no longer had up-to-date coax wiring diagrams. In this case, rather than spending days “toning up” each coax drop with specialized equipment to document the coax infrastructure, Positron recommends installing the GAM devices in each wiring closet, pre-installing the terminal devices in each room or apartment, and record a serial number of each instrument in relation to the room or apartment number. By using the automatic endpoint detection feature for each coax port of the GAM, it is simple and efficient to use this information to document which gate is fully serviced by each coax segment.

Positron learned that is rugged and forgiving when it comes to less than stellar existing wiring. It is possible to plan for fiber extension by reusing existing cabling in a building without worrying too much about potential complexity, cost, or performance issues.

Pierre Trudeau is president and chief technical officer of Positron Access Solutions and Robert Grosz is executive vice president and chief commercial officer of World Cinema.

Pierre Trudeau
Robert Grosz


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