Wix Playground, PORTO ROCHA, and float Collaborate to Present “Design Threads,” a Multifaceted Report and Live Exhibit


The interactive report is the culmination of industry and cultural research with the participation of hundreds of designers from around the world.

NEW YORK, September 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wix (Nasdaq: WIX), a leading global SaaS platform for creating, managing and growing an online presence, via the Wix Playgroundthe company’s web design initiative, commissioned brooklyndesign agency based PORT ROCHAwho worked in collaboration with the research analysis center floatTo free design threads: a digital report and an exhibition. The report explores the state of design through conversations with 30 design leaders and 250 responses from the design community. The digital report and physical exhibit address some of the most pressing questions and sentiments shared by designers today.

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Weaving together interview and survey responses, cultural research, visual content (image submissions, memes, video) and live interactive elements, Design Threads is available to the public as a digital report on the Web – for designers, by designers. The report is organized into four different threads, each devoted to a theme that came up frequently throughout the collaborative research process.*

In an effort to examine pressing questions and spur deeper dialogue, the report begins to uncover some of the realities of being a designer today: from unlearning the canon to the “moodboard effect”, from infographic activism to dealing with information overload, AI insecurity to the future of democratization.

Instead of providing easy answers, Design Threads serves as an invitation to start solving some of the most pressing questions in the field together: What is a good design? Who’s deciding ? How are designers feeling right now? Are we overloaded? Are we doing enough? How is our role changing? Where does design go from here?

* The research process included live interviews with 30 designers (working primarily in graphic design, 3D, art direction, web design, branding, and advertising, among others) and 250 community responses of design collected through an open and anonymous online survey.

Interviews were conducted with emerging and established designers working today, including: Bráulio Amado, Veronica FuerteShamma Buhazza, Ohni Lisle, Leandro Assis, Brian CollinsIyo Bisseck, Khyati Trehan, Elizabeth Goodspeed and Michel Bierut.

The full report is available here.

“As a design-focused technology company, Wix Playground is proud to commission research that sheds light on the topics designers face today,” said Hagit Kaufmann, Vice President of Design at Wix. “It is essential for us to stay up to date on the social and cultural changes affecting the industry, especially from the point of view of designers. We have chosen to work with PORT ROCHA because their avant-garde approach to design has an influence on today’s changing trends. In this report, we see that creatives face a historic crossroads today, and their actions will shape the future of the industry. Through our activities at Wix Playground, we will continue to strengthen our relationship with the design community and promote unique initiatives that support the personal and professional development of the next generation of designers.”

“There are several reasons why Design Threads was created,” says Philip Rochaco-founder and creative director of PORT ROCHA. “First, design reports are rare, and when they do come out they are often superficial: visual trends, Pantone color of the year, etc. We wanted our report to go beyond that – an open source resource, e.g. designers for designers. From new technologies to ways of working, so much has changed that it felt like a good time to pause and reflect. We were curious to hear what other designers had to say, what they had in mind and how they actually felt about the state of the industry. We interviewed several experts and collected hundreds of responses from designers around the world. Critical and pressing questions were raised, and it became clear to us that these conversations needed to happen more often.

“I think the most difficult aspect of this report is also what makes it compelling: that it faces its own contradictions,” says Claire Walkerassociate strategist at PORT ROCHA. “A lot of trend reports lead to definitive predictions or clear diagnoses, but our approach in this project was more about staying with the mess of our moment. don’t have simple answers, so rather than focusing on resolutions, Design Threads begins to show how many different designers think and feel about their field – about each other and about this core of issues that we all face. Less diagnostics, more cluster temperature checking.”

“Design Threads is about redefining the role of designers and, as one interviewee put it, what they have to offer in a world on fire,” explains André Alves, co-founder of float. “At float, we are deeply invested in uncovering behavioral and cultural change. We do this through simple and often rarely asked questions. When we set out to survey the design community with PORT ROCHA and Wix Playground, it seemed essential to us to understand what seems urgent to ask Design today. And we discovered that while the relationship with work seems broken for many of us, designers feel at the epicenter of uncertainty. Many feel overwhelmed and exhausted, while others even wonder what it means to be a designer in the turbulent 2020s. But above all, many designers are wondering where their field of work is going and what are the new paths to follow.

Open to Wix Playground at New York City on September 16, the exhibition brings some of Design Threads’ themes to life, encouraging both the design community and the public to engage with research through more experimental and immersive formats. Like the Digital Report, the exhibition aims to spark dialogue around some of the big questions facing the design industry today, provoking both thought and play.

The exhibition is open to the public:
September 21-23 & 28-30, 2022
11:00 – 16:00
100 Gansevoortstraat, New York, NY 10014, UNITED STATES

About Wix Playground

Wix Playground is an initiative of the Wix Design Guild, an in-house design studio of over 300 designers from 14 disciplines, the Wix Design Studio is firmly at the forefront of design, technology and innovation. Our team’s collective knowledge and experience inspired us to create the Wix Playground to strengthen our relationship with the creative community and support them in their early careers.


PORT ROCHA is a New YorkNew York-based design and branding agency, developing creative and strategic work that engages deeply with the world we live in.

About the float

Float is a center for strategic and cultural analysis that combines innovation and research methodologies to discover the most important cultural changes.

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