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IRVINE, Calif., 23 November 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The Alternative to “Black Friday” from the Perspective of a Thirty-One Year Old Business Owner.


There is a global pandemic where trillions of government funds have been handed out in free bailout dollars to businesses as millions of people have shut down.

The United States is facing hyperinflation, supply chain disruptions and deliveries:

So why are consumers hurting weakened businesses by demanding big discounts from retailers who can’t even find employees to work?

“The first rule in business is to BREAK THE RULES,” advises Mitch Pierre d’Or, CEO of ScanMyPhotos.com. Most of the great Black Friday discounts are unimaginative, cataclysmic catastrophes.

The opposite story is what companies like ScanMyPhotos.com have done. Instead of tracking and investing in vacation discounts, they spent a year rethinking and redefining the way images are digitized.

“As an introduction to every business, the focus should be on modernizing their website to deliver an amazing customer experience,” Goldstone said.


What are other businesses doing to innovate and escape conventional vacation sales? How do they get creative to reinvest their marketing budgets?

It is transformative. Scanning photos has never been easier as ScanMyPhotos.com has just overhauled everything with a stunning new kind of website designed to meet consumer demands.

After a year of designing and planning websites, today is the launch of the brand new home of ScanMyPhotos.com. It was a collaborative effort designed with the minds of consumers to rethink the way images are digitized, saved and preserved.

This is hardly a “grand opening”, as ScanMyPhotos.com has stored a billion photos since 1990. With over 30 years of experience in preserving photos and receiving numerous customer reviews, the Reason to reinvent everything was forged from this common complaint: “Your photo scanning is great, but your archaic and prehistoric website was clunky and old-fashioned.”

Eighty-two percent of the new features are invisible. The behind-the-scenes magic makes every button you click do some really cool things to speed up your order so you immediately get exactly what you want.

24 revolutionary features of ScanMyPhotos.com:

1. The website offers a new experience with an emphasis on simplicity, clean performance and usability

2. A modern and shiny design from 2022 that reinvents the way of digitizing images

3. An easier, faster and super fun shopping experience

4. Smooth and easy navigation to instantly access what you want

5. Polished, stylish and optimized for mobile devices

6. Intuitive format that thinks like a customer rather than flooding the site with jargon and confusing perplexities

7. The detailed product information is written in plain English

8. Breathtaking browsing of the entire website has been revamped around what people wanted most: command to scan photos as fast as ScanMyPhotos scans images

9. A first-class shopping experience with a stunning new design and unmatched sophisticated features that encourage everyone to go digital

10. New customer service features work together seamlessly with highly personalized features to deliver an unprecedented user experience.

11. Detailed product specifications, shipping information, customer reviews, live support, and frequently asked questions are hosted in one-click tabs.

12. Information guides

13. ScanMyPhotos and Miva Merchant a web design company collaborated to make a brand overhaul to create a fun and interactive site that makes scanning images enjoyable, fun and simple

14. Educational experience to help understand photo scanning and learn tips and tricks to protect your life from nostalgic memories

15. A Creative Way to Find Exactly What You’re Looking For With One Click

16. Improved and simplified shopping so that the experience immediately gets you to what you are looking for

17. Improved assistance

18. Optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktops

19. A clean, clean design to help you find whatever you’re looking for

20. Hurry to the new offers page for special discounts to save you money

21. The entire navigation process has been redesigned with fewer clicks to get you on the right track

22. Increased focus on what matters most

23. Accessibility for ADA and WCAG compliance

24. 22 times smarter ordering and help functions including same day scanning, long term secure data storage and instant download to view your completed order

Like in a fancy fine-dining restaurant, if you just want an appetizer, why should you pay for a buffet? ScanMyPhotos.com designed simple payment only for what you want.

The online photo scanning company investigated why people have their analog images digitized. The majority (53%) of families just want to upload photo content to popular photo sharing apps. This is why 72 dpi “social media” photo scanning is provided. However, if you need high resolution 600 dpi “professional” scanning, this service is also available. Choose from 72, 150, 300, and 600 dpi resolution for photos and 2,000-4,000 dpi for 35mm slides and film negatives.

People have waited decades to digitally revisit and preserve their imagery lives. Yet when it comes time to get everything digitized, there is an immediacy and often an urgency to complete the project now.

Think of ScanMyPhotos.com as the old Kodak motto coined by George eastman, the founder of Kodak, in 1888, “You push the button, we do the rest.” The new transparent and straightforward website makes it simple. In a few minutes, your order is processed. ScanMyPhotos.com then gets to work to professionally preserve your snapshots, slides, film negatives, VHS tapes, home movies, and more.



About ScanMyPhotos.com: headquartered at Irvine, California, the photo-scanning company, founded in 1990, has preserved one billion images. The company is a leading content provider for all photo sharing apps, as their users have scanned images for upload to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google and Amazon Photos, TikTok, Twitter, and Snap. Launch of phase II of the new website February 2022.

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