Who is John Barnes? Hackers tag alleged abuser’s business list as ‘certified child rapist’


This article contains information about sexual assault that may be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised.

TANGIPAHOA, LOUISIANA: Earlier this year, Crysta Abelseth of Louisiana accused John Barnes of raping her in 2005. She was 16 and he was 30 at the time. She became pregnant after the rape and the child is currently 16 years old. A DNA test was conducted to prove the accused was indeed the father, according to court documents. The results showed a match with an accuracy of 99.97%. However, last month a court gave the defendant full custody of his daughter and ordered him to pay child support. And now Barnes, who is a web designer, appears to have his website hacked, with a “child rapist” tag greeting customers.

The incident dates back to December 15, 2005, when Barnes allegedly asked if he could escort her home from a restaurant in Tangipahoa, Louisiana, where they met. “Instead of taking me home, he took me to his house,” Abelseth said in an interview with WBRZ. “Once inside, he raped me on the sofa in his living room.”


Rape victim who lost custody of her children to a rapist claims he ALSO drugged and raped their underage daughter

OUTRAGE after judge awards alleged rapist custody of their child and CHILD SUPPORT!

In the interview, the victim claims that she was unable to get any response from the justice system on the status of her case. “I gave them the phone numbers of the witnesses and everything they asked me. No one contacted me. I made several phone calls to detectives. I sent emails asking for the status of the case. No answer.”

Stacie Triche, who is Abelseth’s attorney and founder of the nonprofit SAVLIV35 Foundation, thinks it’s all political. She said, “You have birth certificates. You have DNA evidence. All the facts are there, so this mother should never have gone through this mud that she has been going through for 10 years with this legal battle back and forth, because he should never have had any rights over the child. “

Who is John Barnes?

Barnes is the owner of Gumbeaux Digital Branding in Ponchateula, according to his LinkedIn page. However, his profile was deactivated as soon as the allegations against him came to light. Its website, meanwhile, was last active on June 15 until 7:30 p.m. It then generated an error code saying “Please excuse us while we rebuild our website”.

A screenshot of the website details on Yellow Place

Yellow Place, which offers business information, listed Barnes’ company and directly displayed content from the website. It read ‘Gumbeaux Digital – Certified Child Rapist’, with details such as the owner’s phone number, website and address mentioned. The “About” section added: “Specializing in digital branding and marketing for small to medium sized businesses through responsive web design, SMM and SEO. Owned by John Barnes, a child rapist.” Under the ‘Awards’ field, the listing read: ‘Being a Child Rapist – John Barnes’. According to Heavy.com, the phone line was constantly busy during repeated call attempts.


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