What to know about the comedian who shot to TikTok fame for the viral ‘Worst Date Ever’ video


Representative’s Elyse Myers; Credit is Lauren Wade

Lauren Wade Elysee Myers

“Let’s feast!”

You might know it as the famous line from the viral – and hilarious – TikTok video that sees a woman recount a bizarre first date in which a man she met on a dating app brought her to buy him 100 tacos from a Taco Bell drive-thru.

That woman in question is 28-year-old comedienne Elyse Myers, and while she hasn’t found true love at the time, she’s walked away from the date — and the holds of her potentially murderous father. the man – with his boxes of tacos. It was also the basis of his building a community of over 4 million followers.

“I remember thinking, ‘Nobody’s going to watch this.’ Within the first hour, everything blew up,” Myers told PEOPLE of his unexpected fame. “I got really scared, and then it was cool. It was cool that people would tune in and think it was so funny.”

Since then, the Nebraska resident has seen her following and likes grow rapidly thanks to her other equally hilarious and relatable content, which covers everything from life’s tough times to how to deal with ADHD.

“I’ve created this really cool community of people who see themselves in my stories,” she says. “It was a really unique situation that I didn’t expect, but I’m really grateful for it.”

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Here’s everything to know about the internet star, who will next be seen as a featured creator at VidCon in June.

She got her start in a different field.

Before downloading TikTok, Myers worked as a web developer. In 2018, she started her own web design company, Myers Web Development, and she continued her work by starting to post regularly on the app in 2021.

“Because I was still working as a web developer, it wasn’t something I poured myself into for money,” she says. “It was just fun. As the account started to grow very steadily, I started realizing, ‘That might be something later.'”

Then, she says, her life changed when “the taco video came along.”

“It happened so fast!” she says. “I didn’t expect all those eyeballs on my account.”

Now Myers wakes up at 4 a.m. every morning to record his videos, which typically takes him an hour to edit per minute of recording.

Elysee Myers

Elysee Myers

Elysee Myers

She has famous fans.

Myers counts Leslie Jones and Reese Witherspoon, who even dueted her TikTok recipe “Reese’s Toast,” among her millions of fans.

Of his famous supporters, Myers says, “It’s so wild.”

“I didn’t even have a moment to fangirl because they went from people I really admire to friends, immediately,” she says. “There’s no slouch between getting to know them or being like, ‘Oh my God, Reese Witherspoon, I love you so much.’ It stems from the fact that we never even spoke to him, texting me and saying, ‘Yeah, we’re best friends now.'”

“Were not really best friends,” she quickly clarifies, “but it’s super genuine and easy to interact with these celebrities.”

With her videos, Myers says she’s also caught the eye of actors who want to co-write TV and film projects with her.

“We want to get those relevant messages in a longer form, like YouTube,” she says. “We also have a podcast coming up, which is really cool because I’m hoping to do longer content in different mediums, not just video.”

The career trajectory of one person Myers hopes to emulate is that of Oprah.

“I’m not trying to say I’m the next Oprah,” she laughs. “But she’s powerful. She has something to say, and people know what she’s talking about. She’s the friend of the world, and that’s the hope I have for my career.”

She is a family woman.

In addition to being an actress and content creator, Myers is the wife of her husband Jonas – whom she married in 2018 – and the mother of their baby boy August.

“I think I’m very lucky to have had a family before I started,” she says. “I have a husband, I have a son, and I’m not as easily persuaded to take people’s comments in the comments or hear people’s opinions of me, good or bad.”

“Before all of this happened, I had a long time to figure out who I was, and I’m very confident about that,” she continues. “Moving forward, I want to remain this person who truly believes in who they are, and I want to teach people to love themselves exactly as they are. I have to constantly check in with myself, be open to feedback from people who really know me and love me in my life. The moment I stop receiving influence from my husband, my brothers and people who really know me, that’s when I think that I’m in danger of really losing who I am.

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Through it all, Myers says she’s found it important to stay “realistic and humble” — but that doesn’t mean Jonas won’t take every opportunity to brag about his wife.

“We were at a Spurs basketball game recently, and we were sitting courtside, so the person next to me was like, ‘How did you get the tickets?'” Myers recalled. “I was like, ‘It was a gift.’ Then just as they stopped talking, the commentators came up to us and introduced themselves. A photographer came over, then the Spurs dance crew. These people we were just talking to were like, ‘Who are these people?” Eventually they asked us what we were doing. Jonas showed them my TikTok, which embarrasses me every time, and the man said, “I never would have known this was your life .””

Jonas, says Myers, “is such a proud husband.”

“He wants to show everyone,” she says. “He’s an extrovert, and I’m so incredibly introverted that in public I just want to hide. He’s like, ‘She’s my wife, everyone!’ It’s really cute.”

She hopes to help others by addressing difficult topics.

In her videos, Myers is open about dealing with mental health issues like ADHD, anxiety and depression, which she says she’s “struggled with my whole life.”

“I had very high highs and very low lows,” she says. “I think every time I’ve seen people talk about it, it’s been really clinical, or it’s like, ‘It’s something I was struggling with, and now I’m healed from it.’ There are some things that you never really recover from, and that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be this weird, clinical, cold thing either. It can be part of the human experience.

As a child, Myers wishes it “wouldn’t have been weird to talk about” how she felt.

“I would have started therapy much sooner and I wouldn’t have felt like I had to hide it,” she says. “It’s already isolating yourself to feel like you’re the only one feeling that way, and most of the time you don’t. It’s important to me to make it a really normal thing, to be able to be in the coffee shop with someone and be like, ‘Yeah and then I was super depressed for a while.’ That it’s not embarrassing is really important to me.”

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Along with sharing her own struggles, Myers also offers tips on her page for dealing with ADHD, like creating a whiteboard with a written schedule for the week.

“I try to stay in my lane, and obviously I’m not giving any medical advice, but the things that I can help with, like little ADHD hacks and stuff, I want to share it all,” she says. “I’m like, ‘If this helped me, I want this to help you.’ I love sharing that stuff.”

In keeping with his openness to mental health, Myers called the diet industry and the term “healthy eating.”

“I see all of these conversations through this lens of, ‘How would I like my son to hear me talking about myself?'” she said. “I grew up in a home where how you looked and what you ate really mattered and I decided your success. It affected everything. I really want my son to know it’s not important. Yes, i want you to feel good and be healthy but healthy is a word that has been broken down and manipulated to mean so many things i want my son to know that [how he looks has] no bearing on his value or worth or how much I like him or how successful he will be.”

With her content, Myers says she always wants to “add value to people’s lives.”

“I want them to feel at home in their bodies, in their minds, and to have a place where they belong,” she says. “I never like to create content and then dump it and walk away.”

Even his famous “Worst Date Ever” video can be considered a kind of public service announcement.

“I found out the same thing happened to two or three other people at the same Taco Bell with the same person!” she says. “I was able to prove it.”

She is also a singer.

In addition to creating her videos, Myers is also currently writing an album.

“I still write music – it’s just the way I deal with life,” she says. “All the stuff I have on Apple Music and Spotify right now is stuff I wrote in college that I didn’t think anyone would hear. It was for my immediate family, which is why it’s online, but people love it and really connect with it.”

Now, she said. “I try to create music that does the same thing as my videos, but just on an audio platform.”

“I’m hoping someone will partner with me and record it because I recorded everything by myself and in a little closet with a USB mic,” she says. “I hope to connect with someone who really knows what they’re doing.”


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