Wacker is preparing to build a new silicone production complex at its Charleston site in the US state of Tennessee.


2. August 2022 | Markets & Companies

Wacker is preparing to build a new silicone production complex at its Charleston site in the US state of Tennessee. The Munich chemical group has already started a feasibility study.

“The expansion measures planned in Charleston are a further step towards transforming Charleston into a fully integrated site,” said CEO Christian Hartel,

Image source: Wacker.

Initially, it is planned to build factories for the production of high-consistency silicone rubber and silicone sealants, used, for example, in construction applications. In addition, factories must be built for the manufacture of intermediates.

Production facilities for other product groups

In other phases, production plants for other product groups could then be added, for example for silane terminated polymers used as binders for the formulation of high quality adhesives and sealants, environmentally friendly liquid sealants and parquet adhesives.

The planned capital expenditure for the entire expansion project, which is expected to last several years, is estimated at more than 198 million euros, creating more than 200 new jobs at the Charleston site. Wacker has been producing high-purity polysilicon for the semiconductor and solar power industries in Charleston since 2015. As of 2019, the site also produces fumed silica.

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