Anniversary week will feature new content highlighting the “Back on Board” life

LOS ANGELES, March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This week, Viking® ( marks the second anniversary of its award-winning enrichment channel, Viking.TV (, with new content highlighting the “Back On Board” life. Launched in March 2020, Viking.TV was designed as a way to build community and stay connected with people and places around the world. After 24 months, Viking.TV was enjoyed by over two and a half million viewers and streamed over 700 live sessions featuring original content, Viking cultural partners and virtual Privileged Access®.

“Two years ago, Viking.TV was created to provide a daily source of positivity, learning and connection, when there was great uncertainty and isolation in the world.” said Karine Hagen, executive vice president of Viking. “Thank you to everyone who participated in this special online community, including our esteemed guests, hosts and cultural partners. As many of us travel again and discover incredible destinations around the world, we will continue to offer a cultural enrichment on Viking.TV which complements the exploration in a meaningful way.”

During a consultation with two of Viking’s godmothers, NASA astronaut Dr. Anna Fisher and polar explorer Liv Arnesenboth well trained in survival techniques during times of isolation – aboard the Space Shuttle and the Traverse Antarctic, respectively – it was clear that routine is the key to well-being in times of stress and isolation. So, Viking.TV was designed to air at the same time each day in order to give viewers – both Viking travelers and those who have yet to travel with Viking – something to look forward to, which would not only enrich their minds, but their would also provide the opportunity to engage with experts live, albeit virtually. Viking.TV live streaming sessions start every day at 2 p.m. Eastern Time / 11:00 a.m. Pacific Timewith all content archived and available on demand for anyone who cannot view it at the original broadcast time.

Viking.TV: Two years of enriching content

Since March 2020, Viking.TV featured exclusive interviews and live Q&As with notable explorers, museum curators, musicians, astronauts, actors, artists, performers, photographers, filmmakers and more. Highlights include:

  • Mondays – Museum directors, curators and experts from Viking Cultural Partners organized privileged virtual access to cultural institutions around the world, including from Oslo Munch Museum, London English Museum, from iowa Norwegian-American Museum in Vesterheim and from michigan Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.
  • Tuesdays – Resident Viking historians, who usually offer a destination-specific program on ocean routes, shared virtual lectures on world history. Additionally, resident Viking photographer Alastair Miller has hosted conversations with the likes of wildlife filmmaker Amos Nachoum; artist Daniel Würtzel; the great-grandson of Claude Monet, Philippe Piguet; Architect of Rottet studios Richard River, who spoke about the design of new Viking ships; and more. Alastair also documented his journey by sailing with Viking on the Rhine during a week of original content titled “Alastair’s Voyages: The Rhine”.
  • Wednesdays – In the spirit of exploration, Wednesdays featured sessions with explorers, including archaeologists Anne Stine Ingstad and Thor Heyerdahl, Jr., whose father crossed the Pacific Ocean on the Kon-Tiki raft, along with members of the Viking expedition team as they prepared for voyages to Antarctic. Wednesdays also featured sessions with other members of the Viking family who inspired wanderlust through glimpses of travels around the world. Additional Wednesday sessions were dedicated to the arts, with talks with Los Angeles Opera Maestro James Conlon, Curator of the Royal Academy of Arts Anne Dumas and more.
  • Thursdays – Every Thursday, iconic British television journalist and viking venus® godmother Anne Diamond interviews important personalities, including a world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma; the Count and Countess of Carnarvon; the duke of Devonshire; former PBS MASTERPIECE executive producer Rebecca Eaton; Downton Abbey “Mrs. Patmore”, actress Lesley Nicol; actor sir Michael Pallin from “Monty Python;” award-winning French chef Eric Ripert; polar explorers Liv Arnesen and Anne Bancroft; and accomplished musicians Alma and Helen Deutscher.
  • Fridays – The Countess of Carnarvon led over 20 insider-access virtual tours and glimpses into life at home, Highclere Castle, widely credited as the filming location of Downton Abbey. Additional “at home” sessions were led by members of the Viking family, providing local insight into iconic destinations in New Zealand for Scotland. A special session even explored space as home with a panel of former astronauts.
  • Saturdays – Yoga teacher Mona Therese hosts Mind & Body yoga sessions every Saturday.
  • Sundays – Sunday sessions included musical performances by our artists on board and exclusive concerts by Sissel Kyrkjebø, a Norwegian national treasure and Viking Jupiter® godmother.

All sessions are available at Viking.TV vast library of content archived and at the viewer’s leisure. Also on Viking.TV there are over 200 original short-lived Destination Insight documentaries and 60 additional content from Viking Cultural Partners, with programming from TED, BBC’s Wonderstruck, Libera and more. Plus, a new video showcasing Viking.TV highlights of the past two years has been published online here.

Viking.TV Recognition and Viewer Feedback

Over the past two years, Viking.TV received accolades for the channel and received the “Breakthrough Award for Product Innovation” as part of the 2020 Silver Travel Awards. Additionally, viewers continue to write to Viking with comments of gratitude for the opportunity to explore and cultural enrichment from home. Here are some examples of comments:

  • “We just wanted to write and thank Viking for the live stream and include ourselves in this beautiful enrichment series… THANK YOU again for the well-rounded enrichment that connects people and lands around the world. Understanding builds empathy~ and empathy is the bridge that helps connect the human family sharing this one planet.” – Adriane L.
  • “We really appreciate the myriad of offerings on your video channel. Each person brings their unique personality and experiences to help us feel included and eager to venture into this new year.” –Marsha and Jack D.
  • “We enjoyed Viking.TV in anticipation of our Rhine-Danube cruise. Thank you for these shows which certainly make you want to travel.” –John F.
  • “I’ve spoken to so many people about Viking.TV. I’ve learned so much already and I keep looking back over the weeks to find things I missed.” – Mardelle M.
  • “A huge thank you for putting Viking.TV on the web! A wonderful idea and incredibly rich and informative programs! Thanks again for your selfless sharing especially in this time of quarantine for so many millions of people!” -Sandy C.
  • “Thank you so much for Viking.TV. It has kept us afloat during the pandemic.” – Lynn K.

About the Vikings

Viking was founded in 1997 and offers destination-focused travel on rivers, oceans and lakes around the world. Designed for experienced travelers interested in science, history, culture and cuisine, President Torstein-Hagen often says that Viking offers its customers The Thinking Person’s Cruise® unlike traditional cruises. With over 250 awards to its name, Viking has been ranked #1 river cruise and #1 Ocean Cruise Line by Condé Nast Traveler in the publication’s 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards. Viking has also been consistently ranked number 1 in ocean cruising and one of the top river cruise lines in Travel + Leisure’s “World’s Best” awards. For more information, contact Viking at 1-800-2-VIKING (1-800-284-5464) or visit For Viking’s award-winning enrichment chain, visit



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