Vibrations from Carters Quay construction site shock Poole resident


A RESIDENT has called on council to act after construction work on a huge housing estate in Poole rocked his house.

The man, who lives in Blandford Road, Hamworthy, said recent work at the Carters Quay site had raised fears his house could collapse.

He said water in a glass placed on his coffee table was visibly shaking due to vibrations emanating from the BCP Council project, which is being carried out by contractors Inland Homes.

The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said: ‘I have never seen or heard of anything like this before in my life when it comes to building work.

“I reported it to the council as I think something needs to be done about it.”

Work on Carters Quay finally began earlier this month, with the construction of 161 rental homes on the Hamworthy waterfront site between Poole Bridge and Twin Sails Bridge.

A first shovelful of soil took place on July 15.

“I was afraid that my house would collapse with all the shaking and vibrations. It was terrible, ”says the resident.

“The other day I felt like my ears were constantly ringing.”

Inland Homes and BCP Council held a grand opening at Carters Quay earlier this month

A spokesman for Inland Homes said: ‘The nature of the Carters Quay site requires piled foundations, the installation of which will inevitably cause vibrations in the nearby area during the course.

“As a brownfield site in a residential area, we know these works can disrupt local residents, but together with the council we are working hard to minimize their impact.”

“This includes carrying out works close to properties on a phased basis and installing a slip trench at the site boundary to reduce vibration. Vibration monitoring and sound limits are also in place to ensure levels remain within acceptable parameters.

The company said piling work began this month and is expected to be completed by early September. At this point, vibration levels will be “significantly reduced”.

A spokesperson for BCP Council said: ‘This site forms an integral part of our ambitious regeneration plans for Poole and council will continue to monitor the site for the benefit of residents and our regeneration plans.’

“Once this first phase of work is complete, residents can look forward to the delivery of high quality sustainable developments for the future. This will provide new housing for the community, while enhancing the waterfront promenade and public realm at this important quayside location.

“We can confirm that the noise complaint from this site has reached our environmental team and we will review residents’ concerns.”


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