Vely, a new C programming language framework, launches


Vely helps C programmers quickly create safer and richer applications.

Phoenix, Arizona, July 25, 2022 – Vely is a new embedded programming language with C as the host language, released by Dasoftver LLC. Vely brings rich functionality, simplicity and enhanced security to C, the language known for its high performance and low memory footprint. Go to for more information, including downloads and tutorials.

“Vely is about C performance, but with the added bonus of rapid software development,” said Sergio Mijatovic, CTO of Dasoftver LLC. “You can build general-purpose apps, but what’s new is that Vely lets you quickly build web apps with C.”

Vely automates web programming, with support for FastCGI application servers, downloading files, cookies, etc., making it easy to write high-performance web applications. At the same time, built-in native support for popular databases such as MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite makes it easy to build any database application.

“Vely has a garbage collector. Vely’s built-in C instructions do so much with so little code, and do it safely, giving you time and energy to focus on your customers” , says Mr. Mijatovic. “It’s also suitable for the cloud because it’s easy to run in a container and use network and web resources.”

Vely is free Open Source software (FOSS), under the LGPL license, allowing its use in commercial applications and any other type of application. Go to to install Vely and run Hello World in minutes.

Dasoftver LLC
Box 1432
Queen Creek, Arizona, USA

Dasoftver’s mission is to bring the best possible performance to general purpose software development. Sergio Mijatovic, the company’s founder, worked for more than a decade in basic engineering at Oracle and before that as a principal investigator for DARPA in the area of ​​distributed computing. For more information, please visit

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