UNHCR Bangladesh Operational Update, March 2022 – Bangladesh


The 2022 Joint Response Plan (JRP) for the Rohingya humanitarian crisis was launched on March 29. To support around 1.4 million people, including more than 918,000 Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar and Bhasan Char, and around 540,000 Bangladeshis in nearby communities, aid agencies are seeking more than $881 million. Under the leadership of the Bangladeshi authorities, the JRP brings together the activities of 136 partners, including 74 Bangladeshi organisations. It also recognizes the important contributions of the refugees themselves to the response. The full text of the JRP can be accessed here.

A fire broke out in UNHCR-run Camp 5 on the afternoon of 8 March. A four-year-old refugee child died in the fire. Refugee volunteers trained in firefighting were the first responders, along with UNHCR partner organizations, who began to put out the blaze until local firefighters and authorities arrived and brought the blaze under control before that it does not spread to adjacent camps. Read the press release here. Under the coordination of the camp manager (CiC), 418 shelters were rebuilt, 18 latrines and 25 bathing cabins installed and the water network repaired and operational. In close consultation with the community, the reconstruction of the primary health facility is in the planning phase, a structure is in place for temporary services. The construction of the two learning centers that were destroyed is awaiting government approval.


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