Top 20 creative agencies for building a brand in August, according to FoxDsgn


FoxDsgn has compiled their monthly list of the top 20 creative branding agencies they recognize as adept at helping build a brand.

The advent of the digital age may underestimate the need for creative agencies in this climate. But as most people quickly realize, it takes a lot of work to build a recognizable brand that can reach the target audience. So that’s where creative digital marketing agencies come in. However, the many agencies that all claim to deliver the best results can overwhelm anyone.

Fortunately, FoxDsgn came to the rescue. Its compilation of August’s Best Creative Agencies should help anyone interested in creating an unforgettable brand make the right decision.

According to FoxDsgn, the top 20 digital creative agencies are:


UPQODE is a premium web design agency passionate about transparency, reliability, trust, and exceptional customer service.

2. 128 Digital

It’s a Chicago-based global no-code design agency that builds its foundation on creating customer experiences that fuel customer success.

3. TrueThemes

This is a company that prides itself on creating the best digital products.

4. Web Zvio

WebZvio offers comprehensive digital design and development services that can save a business time and money. They have software developers, a team of graphic designers, marketers, project managers, etc. who provide clients with the best expertise to help them achieve their goals.

5. Traina

Traina is a leading brand agency reinventing the way brands are built. By unifying strategy, design and digital expertise under one roof, they create market-leading brands that are driven by data, fueled by design and built for digital from day one.

6. Web Development Studios
8. Interactive eDesign
9. Krisha Web
10. DigitalDesign.NYC
11. Cultural Foundry
12. Digital Silk
13. Top notch designs
14. Scope
15. Huemor
16. Emerge
17. Ignite Visibility
18. Glorium Technologies
19. Transition
20. Codale

FoxDsgn develops this ranking through its internal methodology which brings together many different data points about online businesses. The company then compiles and analyzes key factors from a variety of sources that provide quantitative data on:

– Company Reviews
– Mentions and placements in the media
– Popularity of the website
– Trade Authority/Trust
– Company history
– Quality level of the website

The FoxDsgn team identifies the most important factors in choosing a partner for different services and niches and uses its extensive dataset to create business score calculations. Businesses are plotted on a matrix and ranked by the highest combination of Trust and Authority score.

Future roadmap

FoxDsgn plans to implement a company verification system where listed companies can provide more information, such as company background and references, so consumers can make informed decisions.

The company further plans to update its algorithms in the future as it collects and processes more data. They urge companies wishing to increase their score to focus on improving the measures already mentioned when preparing their verification system.

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