Top 10 Web Development Companies


Wherever you are in the world, there is no shortage of web development companies to create your website or application. This can make it difficult to choose the best option for your project, and many people feel overwhelmed by the range of web development companies found online. So how do you find the best developer for you?

We’ve scoured the web to find 10 web development companies that balance skill, price, and availability to help you find the option that’s right for you.

1. eFlair Web Tech

eflair web development website

eFlair Web Tech is at the top of this list for a reason. Boasting affordable prices and an impressive range of skills, this web development company offers a one-stop solution for your project. eFlair specializes in web development, mobile development and UX/UI design.

From the early design stages of your web or app development project to launch day, eFlair can support you every step of the way. This includes creating unique and modern designs, clean code that delivers feature-rich experiences, and research assistance at every step.

Based in Atlanta (USA), Vijayawada (India) and Bangalore (India), this web development company provides round-the-clock support at every stage of your project. You can book a free consultation to get started and enjoy rates as low as $25 per hour once you’re ready to start your web development project.

If you’re not already convinced, eFlair has worked with a host of top brands, including Expedia, Engage, and Razorpay, delivering results that exceed industry standards. This web development company also has an average rating of 4.9 stars on Google.

Pitches Atlanta (USA), Vijayawada (India) and Bangalore (India)
Key services Web development, app development, UX/UI design
Pricing $25+ per hour

2. LaunchPad Lab

launchpad lab website development

LaunchPad Lab is a Chicago-based software development agency that specializes in a range of web and app development services. The agency can also help you develop strong product strategies and help you create a smooth sales workflow. Unlike other web development companies, LaunchPad Lab prefers to stick to large clients, charging upwards of $150 per hour.

The results provided by LaunchPad Lab have convinced companies like Whirlpool, Amplify and CDK Global to work with them, and the agency has an average of 4.8 stars on Google’s review platform. You can arrange a free consultation by getting in touch on the LaunchPad Lab website.

Pitches Chicago (USA)
Key services Web development, app development, UX/UI design
Pricing $150+ per hour

3. Designli

designli web design website

Designli creates stunning and eye-catching websites that make excellent use of vibrant colors and custom graphics. All this while following a lean development methodology that guarantees fast and optimized project rotations, with Designli guiding you through the process. Designli is an excellent web development agency for start-ups.

This web development company hasn’t worked with many big names, focusing on new ventures. Despite this, the company offers web development, app development on mobile platforms, and UX/UI design. Designli has a very impressive 5 star average on Google Reviews.

Pitches Greenville (USA)
Key services Web development, app development, UX/UI design
Pricing $100+ per hour

4. Emerging Software

emerging software development

Emergent Software focuses on software development for a range of platforms, including web and app development. This company also works with databases, Azure Cloud Services, SharePoint, and even recruitment. Like Designli, this company follows an agile methodology to speed up development time.

Although Emergent Software offers many services, they certainly come at a cost. Charging upwards of $150 per hour, this company will appeal to those with large and complex projects. This web development company has an average rating of 5 stars on Google.

Pitches Saint Paul (USA)
Key services Web development, application development, software development, database design and management, Azure Cloud Services
Pricing $150+ per hour

5. Alliance Tek

tek alliance web development homepage

Like Emergent Software, AllianceTek is a full-service software and website development company offering a range of different services. This includes web and app development, process automation, e-commerce development, and CRM system design/deployment. Surprisingly, this company is able to offer its services from a relatively low price of $50 per hour.

AllianceTek is based in cities in the United States and India, which allows this web development company to provide wide windows of support. This company has an average Google Review score of 4.6 stars.

Pitches Pennsylvania (USA), Massachusetts (USA), New York (USA), Washington DC (USA), Ahmedabad (India), Rajkot (India)
Key services Web Development, App Development, Software Development
Pricing $50+ per hour

6. ChopDawg Studios

chopdawg website app development

In business since 2009, ChopDawg Studios has worked with an impressive lineup of major commercial players. This includes examples like Hilton, SixFlags and Siemens, with a unique mix of design and development on each project. ChopDawg can also help with AI and chatbots.

Prices for ChopDawg start at around $50 per hour and the company has a 4.6 star rating on Google. Use the form on this web development company’s website to get the ball rolling.

Pitches Pennsylvania (USA)
Key services Web Development, App Development, UX/UI Design, AI/Chatbots
Pricing $50+ per hour

7. Savas Laboratories

savas labs website design

Savas Labs is another premium web development company to look out for. This company is focused on using a thorough consultation process to deliver great app development results, having worked with organizations like MIT and Omega.

Savas Labs is not cheap; you will have to pay at least $150 per hour for the work of this company. This is backed by a 5 star Google Review rating.

Pitches Raleigh (USA)
Key Services Consulting, web and app development, UX/UI design
Pricing $150+ per hour

8. Sunrise integration

sunrise integration web development

Having been in the web development industry for over 22 years, Sunrise Integration has worked with big names like Maersk, DHL and FreshBooks. The scope of this company extends from mobile and web development to shipping and logistics, which makes its services incredibly scalable.

Prices for Sunrise Integration start at $100 per hour, but that will quickly increase as you add more services to your project. The company has a 5-star Google Review rating along with a sizable portfolio of mobile apps, web apps, and other software development projects.

Pitches Los Angeles (USA)
Key Services Software development, e-commerce services, shipping and logistics
Pricing $100+ per hour

9. Little Planet

little planet website design

Small Planet is a design-focused web and app development company. This means that this company’s projects always look great, and the clean, optimized code behind them backs up the external polish. This web development company has worked with Disney, Warner Bros. and ASCAP.

Small Planet has a lot of experience with popular CMS/eCommerce systems like WooCommerce and Shopify. Apart from the 5-star rating from Google Review, this gives this company an edge when it comes to online stores. Of course, however, its reach goes beyond selling on the web.

Pitches New York (USA)
Key services Web development, app development, e-commerce
Pricing $100+ per hour

10. LA App Creators

app creators mobile development

Finally, as the last app development company on this list, it’s time to take a look at App Makers LA. Unlike the other companies on this list, this development company focuses on mobile apps, although it also provides web design services. Apart from regular mobile apps, App Makers LA can also work on mobile games.

As the name suggests, App Makers LA is based in Los Angeles. You can get started with this app development company for as low as $50 an hour, and you’ll be happy to know that they have a 5-star Google Review rating. App Makers LA has a comprehensive portfolio including companies such as Sun Scooter and Los Angeles Apparel.

Pitches Los Angeles (USA)
Key services Application development, web design
Pricing $50+ per hour

Finding the Best Web Development Company for You

Choosing the best web development company is all about striking a balance. Skills, affordability and availability are all key factors, and few web development agencies can beat our number one competitor; eFlair.

It’s always worth doing your own research when choosing a service provider like this.


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