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Three tools needed to design a website

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Web design is an art that not only requires the right talent, but also the right tools. The right web design tools can help streamline the efforts you put in and can direct those efforts towards better design over time.

Using the right tools is justified because you don’t want to invest your energy in the wrong tools and come up with a boring, depressing design that’s both repetitive and unattractive. However, you would want to delight users and create art, which is only possible by using the right tools.

Luckily, we now have many cool web design tools and processes that make the design process interactive and engaging. Not only do these tools reduce the effort and time you spend creating the design, but they also add value to the overall result.

Here, we will be looking at the brightest and most eye-opening design tools that will rock the web design sphere in 2022. These design tools have been around for a while, but their innovations and timely updates guarantee that they will be on their mark this year as well.


Obviously, we’ll start the list with the most obvious and popular design tool that’s been around for a while now.

Yes, we know that many designers are already familiar with Sketch’s vector UI design tool, but there are still a number of designers who use Photoshop to create the perfect UI design (despite the release of the Adobe’s new wireframe and prototyping tool called Adobe XD).

Many famous designers have said that using Photoshop to design a website’s user interface is a rudimentary mistake that can hurt the continuity of the overall process. Designers who realized the flaws switched to Sketch in 2017 and the migration of designers to Sketch is expected to continue unabated this year as well.

Designers who started using Sketch said the tool was faster than Photoshop and there was always something new to learn and implement every day.

Unlike what we’ve seen with Photoshop, Sketch gives users a great way to sort through their documents and make revisions easily. File sizes in Photoshop are also considerably smaller compared to the file sizes you get in Sketch, because the app for Sketch is vector-based.

Adobe XD

If Photoshop was complex and limited, Adobe’s new wireframe and vector design tool, Adobe XD, is the complete opposite. The beta version of the app was released in May last year, with the official release taking place in October.

Adobe XD is a complete package and is a definite step above the basic features offered by Photoshop. XD includes tools that allow you to create and define many non-static interactions, drawing tools, sharing tools for design feedback, and a dedicated desktop and mobile preview.

Adobe XD does a good job of giving designers the ability to select an artboard size that best matches the platform you’re using the app from. Moreover, you can also import any popular UI kit of your choice from external applications like Google’s Material Design.

Much like the reaction to Sketch, designers around the world have found Adobe XD to be a great addition to the Adobe family and a great workhorse. Users complimented the interface for XD and its quality for a mockup.

The interface is extremely lightweight, considering the plethora of images loaded into it. The prototyping feature of the app is also something to brag about considering how you can show customers how things work right off the bat.

Since you can post content online right off the bat, it’s a great way to keep customers informed about what you’re up to. There is also the advantage of copying and pasting any element or design from other current Adobe applications.

Another reason why developers have started using XD rather than Sketch is the only limitation that comes with it. Sketch is only available for Mac, which made it extremely difficult to share files with other developers who are not connected to a Mac setup.

So, when sharing the files with users not connected to the Mac, the developers had to make some changes which took a lot of time. XD, on the contrary, is a cross-platform tool that can be viewed and shared across multiple operating systems.


Figma is a design tool that assists developers with its innovative idea. The design tool gives developers the luxury of collaborating with each other in real time. Developers can reach out and work together to come up with a design that everyone agrees on. The application is available on browsers for Windows, Linux and Mac.

There are currently two versions of the app, one of which is free while the other is paid. Which version you choose depends on what you’re supposed to do with the app and how you want things to go in the future.

Designers who have worked on Figma for projects have reported that the app has the same USP as Sketch.

However, one advantage you can enjoy in Figma and not Sketch is the cross-platform feasibility offered by the app.

The workflow is smooth and collaboration within the app means you can share all developments as they happen. The app is also recommended by many developers who have worked on it due to its innovative design and practicality it helps to provide.

These tools will rock the design space in 2022 and create quite a buzz with the solutions they offer.

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