The most underrated dev tools in 2022


Chrome DevTools, Git SCM, Oracle JDeveloper, Android Developers, GitLab, Postman, and NVIDIA Developer are the go-to tools for modern developers, and with good reason.

But, if you dig deeper, you’ll stumble upon plenty of hidden gems – robust, task-specific, and seamless platforms to speed up your developer journey. We took the liberty of going on an Easter egg hunt to find underrated dev tools that can perform repetitive tasks, save time, and perform well.


explainshell is a web application for parsing man pages, extracting options, and matching each argument to the relevant help text in the man page to explain a given command line. explainshell is built with a manpage reader that converts a given manpage from raw to HTML, a classifier that loops through each paragraph of the manpage and classifies it as optional or not (algo/ ), an options extractor that parses classified paragraphs and searches for options (, a storage backend that stores processed man pages in MongoDB (, and a matcher that crawls the AST of the command (parsed by bashlex) and contextually associates each node with the corresponding helper text (


regex101 is a multilingual regular expression debugger with real-time explanation, error detection and highlighting. The platform is free and supports PCRE, JavaScript, GoLang, and Java.

name is an open source name availability checker that can search various registries to check if the domain name is taken or not. It also has a name suggestion feature that automatically generates names. The source code is available at GitHub. It consists of Node.js Lambda for APIs and React application for web interface and runs on ZEIT Now. namae supports various package registries and web platforms, such as Domains, GitHub, PyPI, RubyGems, Rust (, Homebrew / Homebrew Cask, Linux (Launchpad & APT), Twitter, Spectrum, Slack, Heroku , ZEIT Now, AWS S3 and


Slazzer is an AI-powered API that helps users remove the background from any image online and fill it with details. Thanks to its advanced computer vision algorithms, any image with a clear foreground and background can be processed in just seconds. Users can process up to 500 frames per minute through the API, depending on the resolution of the input image. Slazzer is also available as a plugin, desktop app, and on-premise.

flat icon

Founded in 2013, owned by Freepik company flat icon provides over 3 million editable vector icons for apps, websites and info design projects. Flaticon offers Google extensions and robust features like template builder and font builder to visualize user interface information. Icons are available in multiple formats including PNG, PSD, SVG, EPS and BASE 64. They are scalable and adaptable to projects ranging from landing pages, social media templates, presentations to videos, brochures and more again.

cronhub helps developers run any command or script on time without DevOps, without managing servers and infrastructure. They can schedule and monitor recurring tasks without writing a single line of code. Cronhub allows developers to schedule tasks using any time interval or cron expression. Users can configure availability and runtime monitoring for recurring tasks with one click. The platform sends users instant alerts if jobs fail or run longer than expected. Users can invite and collaborate with team members using a shared dashboard. Finally, Cronhub offers rich analytics on critical job metrics.

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