The group trains 100 women in web development, graphic design in Kwara


A non-profit organization, Webfala Digital Skills for all Initiative, concluded a free three-month training for 100 female graduates in web development and graphic design.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony for the Ilorin trainees, the executive director of the organization, Mrs. Nafisat Bakare, said that the training titled “Keeping Women in Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM)” was part of the organization’s efforts to bridge the gender divide in the tech ecosystem in Nigeria and to empower women to be empowered and employable.

According to her, the free intensive training program which was supported by the Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund and the Ford Foundation, targeted unemployed women graduates based in Kwara State who want to learn digital skills that can make them financially independent. and solve problems in their communities.

“As many as 100 female graduates have participated in the free training program which is part of our efforts to bridge the gender gap in the tech ecosystem in Nigeria and to empower women to be empowered and employable. training, we want to encourage more women to pursue careers in science, technology, education and mathematics (STEM).

“I am delighted to see that during the three months of training, the beneficiaries have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to start a career in the field of technology, which is the main objective of our project Keeping Female in STEM.. I’m glad the participants are prepared and excited to start this journey,” added Bakare.

One of the recipients of the training, Al-Sidiq Rufaidat, described her experience during the program as challenging and exciting, noting that she intends to deepen her knowledge of graphic design in order to be worthy of a competition in the technological space.

She appreciated the Webfala Digital Skills for all initiative for organizing the training and for always ensuring that the environment was conducive to their learning.

Another participant, Olayiwola Karimat, said: “I intend to commercialize the skills I learned during the training by creating designs for people and brands, and also to use them to improve my own personal affairs. I thank the organizers for this great opportunity”.

For her part, Dawodu Funmilayo described her experience during the program as memorable and fantastic, saying she got value she never thought she could get easily.

“Having learned the basics, I planned to maximize them effectively by gaining more knowledge, i.e. going full-time into tech and improving myself. So that I can get a well-paying job , network and be able to teach others in the form of giving back to the community,” she added.


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