The Gmail material you design reaches more people on the web


Google has pretty much splashed the material you paint on all of its proprietary apps, but the business isn’t done. It now updates the desktop versions of these apps. Google is rolling out Material You to the Gmail desktop client.

The company introduced Material You to the general public last year at Google I/O. Since the unveiling of Android 12, the company has revamped all of its first-party apps with the new look. Now apps like Gmail, Calculator, Keep, etc. can be themed with the rest of the software.

Now Gmail for desktop has the hardware you design

Earlier this year, Google announced that it was going to radically change the look of the Gmail web client. Not only would this get the mandatory gear you create, but it would also move some things around.

Right now, there’s a panel on the left side of the screen that houses your various mail folders and your chats underneath. With the new look, there will be an additional side panel next to that. This additional panel will shelter your cats. It will also have buttons for your spaces and for Google Meet.

When you click on one of these buttons, the corresponding application fills the screen. So instead of having your Google Chats compressed into a small panel, you’ll be able to have the full app. There is also a button to return to your emails.

Now that first side panel that houses your mail folders will be less cluttered. Your folders and labels will stretch across the screen.

Other changes will include UI changes. Since we are talking about Material You, you will see a color scheme applied to the interface. Not only that, but the Compose button will be transformed into a rounded rectangle.

Google will also make a change to the search filter feature. There will be a new button at the top right of the email view. When you click on it, you’ll see a row of search bullets that you can use. This change is now visible to more people, so you should be able to see it eventually.


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