The best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 cases in 2022


The Galaxy Z Fold3 is one of the best phones available thanks to its unique form factor and design. While Samsung’s foldables have become more durable and cheaper over the past few years, they’re still more expensive and more fragile than the average candy bar-style phone. Foldable screens are susceptible to scratches and while the Fold3 may feature an IPX8 water resistance rating, it’s still vulnerable to dust. As such, it’s important to protect your investment, and using one of the cases we’ve collected here will help you do just that.

The Z Fold3 is a big device, and while it looks slim when unfolded, it quickly becomes a chunky phone once you close it. Unless you need extreme protection from the elements or high levels of clumsiness, a good slim case is the way to go. The Spigen Air Skin does just that. It’s a simple, grippy, well-made case that’ll keep your Fold3 safe from scratches and scuffs with no problem.

Spigen also includes a pack of spare adhesive strips in the box, so if one of these strips gets damaged, you can easily replace it. It’s not the most exciting case, but it scores points for being available in more than one color. You can choose between black or green, the latter of which matches the Fold3 green quite well.

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Spigen Air Skin for Galaxy Z Fold3

Samsung’s leather cases have been a longtime favorite, and for good reason. The leather feels great, ages beautifully, and provides some protection against minor knocks. The flip-top leather stand cover, awkward name aside, does a lot to improve the Z Fold3. The strap on the back makes it easy to hold with one hand even when unfolded, and the clasp that keeps the case closed has another trick: it becomes a stand.

Flex mode on the Fold3 is great for a lot of things, but using it to watch movies leaves you with only half the screen showing content. Not with this case! You can use it to support the device fully unfolded. The only downside is that the stand only works in landscape mode, but that’s not as bad with a small tablet as it is with a phone. The leather flip case is available in black, green and camel.

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Samsung Leather Flip Case for Galaxy Z Fold3

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is legendary and instantly recognizable. Its bulky and unique design won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s the best option if you need the best protection for your Fold3. Thick bezels ensure your screen never touches the table – a must when Flex Mode rests the Fold3 on its cover screen. The textured back provides grip, as do the rubbery sides.

UB touts the best kickstand I’ve ever used on a smartphone because it works in landscape and portrait and is sturdy enough to allow you to use the phone in either orientation without it wobbling. The way the stand is designed also allows you to use it as a grip, so you won’t need to buy a PopSocket to use it one-handed. The front of the case even includes an integrated screen protector to protect the protective glass from scratches.

However, the standout feature has to be the S Pen support. The Fold3 is at its best when an S Pen is with it, and having a safe place to keep one is great. Just keep in mind that this will only store the S Pen Fold Edition and not the bigger S Pen Pro. The unicorn beetle is available in black, dark green, metallic red and silver.

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Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for Galaxy Z Fold3

The Ringke Slim case lives up to its name, offering reasonable protection against minor bumps, scrapes and scratches without being bulky. The cutouts for the buttons are particularly good, making it easy to find the right button without looking. The Slim case also has a lanyard hole on the back, so if you’re worried about dropping the Fold3 but don’t like bulky cases, combining this one with a lanyard or wrist strap might be the way to go. solution.

You can buy the Slim Case in black, transparent and matte transparent. Matte is my favorite option here, showing off the Fold3’s design while resisting fingerprints and smudges better than the more traditional transparent case.

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Ringke Slim Case for Galaxy Z Fold3

This case does a lot of things, striking a good balance between comfort and protection while adding features that make the Fold3 more fun to use. The Neo Hybrid S has a hybrid TPU and polycarbonate design. The hard outer shell takes the brunt of the impact, while the inner TPU casing uses a spider web design to disperse the kinetic energy created during a bump or drop so the phone stays unscathed. The best part of the Neo Hybrid S is the kickstand which easily holds the Fold3 at multiple angles.

Like Samsung’s stand cover, there’s a downside: the kickstand only works in landscape mode. But as with Samsung’s case, it’s not so bad on a tablet. Spigen also includes a pack of spare adhesive strips in the box, so if you remove the case to clean the phone and one of these strips is damaged, it can easily be replaced. Unfortunately, this case is only available in black.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid S for the Galaxy Z Fold3

The Civilian looks tamer than your average Urban Armor Gear case, and I think that’s a good thing. Its more minimalist approach is sleek while maintaining the tactical style that UAG is known for. Beyond the sleek exterior, you’ll find military-grade protection provided by a hard shell and honeycomb system that can absorb impact and disperse the kinetic energy of a drop without damaging your prized foldable. The case also fixes a common complaint – it makes the phone fold flat. Due to the hinge design, the Fold3 usually assumes a wedge shape when closed, but the Civilian’s thickness prevents it from fully folding, making the phone symmetrical.

The Fold3 still closes enough for the magnets to do their job, which makes the phone more comfortable to hold overall. One thing to note is that the adhesive strips on this case stick too well. When removing the part of the case that goes with the cover screen one of the strips was removed from the phone and remained on the phone, and when I removed that the sim card tray came with. If you like to swap cases or take them off regularly to clean your phone, keep that in mind. You can get the civilian in black, mallard, and olive.

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UAG Civil Series for Galaxy Z Fold3

Samsung’s leather case gives the Fold3 a luxurious design and feel. Don’t expect too much protection aside from preventing scuffs and scratches, but that’s not what this case is for. This case is designed to look good and feel good, and any protection offered is an afterthought. Unlike the leather case offered for the Galaxy S22 series, this version is not fully leather.

Plastic is used on the half that houses the cover display, with leather reserved for the back. Another difference is that there are no metal button covers here, as there are on the S22 – this case instead opts for a cutout to accommodate the fingerprint reader inside. the power key. The leather cover comes in black, green, and camel, which I think is the nicest of the bunch.

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Samsung Leather Case for Galaxy Z Fold3

Keeping your Z Fold3 is easy with the wide selection of cases available, and whether you want something thin and sleek or bulky and protective, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle offers the best protection, a great kickstand, and a place to store the S Pen. But its extravagant design and oversized size won’t appeal to everyone. The UAG Civilian offers similar protection but wraps it up in a more reserved design that isn’t as heavy. If you’re exceptionally clumsy or work in an environment that puts smartphones at risk, consider these two cases.

We have Spigen’s Air Skin on the thinner side, which offers decent protection without making the phone much larger. Most of the cases in this roundup are green, but this one gets bonus points for closely matching the shade of green you can buy the Fold3 in. If clear cases are more your thing, the Rinkge Slim case is worth considering. It’s available in conventional glossy clear plastic, but my recommendation would be the matte version, which will repel fingerprints and marks more easily.


Q: Why do these cases come with adhesive strips?

The majority of Galaxy Z Fold3 cases come with adhesive strips inside. The Fold3 has a unique problem – the case has to be split in half. Conventional phone cases can grip the device from all four sides, making them sturdy and unlikely to fall off. Cases for the Fold3 can’t do this because they have to accommodate the hinge. So, rather than having a case move or fall off, case manufacturers use adhesive strips to hold cases in place.

Before putting on the case, be sure to wipe down your Fold3. Dust and sand could interfere with the adhesive. After assembling your case, it is best to leave a good time for the glue to set. Removing it too soon could damage the case. Even after the adhesive has set, it’s probably best not to repeatedly remove the casing if you can help it. The adhesive will get weaker each time you do this, and eventually it might stop holding the case in place.

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