Technical Skills Interviewers Look for in Job Applicants


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Technical skills are specialized knowledge used to perform a practical task in a particular field. Also called hard skills, building knowledge in specific trades can help you stand out and stay relevant in an ever-changing job market. Showing that you have expertise in a valuable skill strengthens your resume, can advance your career and help you achieve your professional goals.

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Specialized skills can be acquired through on-the-job training and formal education. Online courses can also educate individuals enough to get hired. If you are looking for a new gig on job boards like ZipRecruiter and you are ready to improve your skills, to explore those technical skills that are in demand in all sectors. You might want to include one on your resume or choose a course to learn one soon.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

The digital landscape is constantly changing, so businesses need employees who understand the space and can help innovate.

Digital and social media marketing is an effective way for businesses to expand their reach and understand their audience. Digital marketers deploy best practices related to cultural trends, data analysis, SEO, and a general understanding of social media algorithms.

Technical writing

Technical writing requires the ability to simplify complex information into something easier to understand. Technical writers prepare instruction manuals, how-to guides, scientific articles, product information, case studies and press releases.

No degree or certification is required to pursue technical writing, but many professionals have prior expertise in the field for which they write.

Data analysis

Data analysis combines the interpretation, collection and organization of data to help teams make informed decisions. Communicating results and trends is a key aspect of data analysis, and in many cases visualization tools like Tableau can help achieve this.

Computer programming

Web and app development is in high demand, and with the prevalence of cloud computing, writing commands for software and other computer programs is a great skill to have.

Programming relies on problem-solving skills and an understanding of data and algorithms. Programmers leverage computer languages ​​such as C++, Java, HTML, and Python to communicate specific actions that the program should perform.

Project management

This requires skills in several areas, including planning, time management, organization, at-risk sourcing, budgeting, and forecasting. In many cases, project managers oversee projects from start to finish and ensure that the team is able to complete their work on time and within budget. Even if you’re not pursuing a career in project management, it’s still a valuable skill set to learn.

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1 Based on statements from over 10,000 logged in users who reported being hired for employment through ZipRecruiter from September 1, 2020 through October 31, 2020.

2 Based on G2 satisfaction ratings as of January 1, 2022.


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