Students at Shawfair School were reminded of the dangers of the building site ahead of summer vacation


The call came before the end of term for pupils at Danderhall Primary School, Gilmerton Primary School and Dalkeith Secondary School this week. JSL is asking parents and guardians, and the children in their care, to watch a 10-minute Stay Safe, Stay Away YouTube video.

Deborah Lindsay, Managing Director of JSL, said: “We couldn’t be any clearer. It is illegal and extremely dangerous to enter construction sites and regeneration areas in and around Shawfair without permission. Doing so puts lives at risk. With public safety at the heart of everything we do, I urge people to watch our recommended YouTube video.

“Unfortunately, too many children may be tempted to scale a gate or fence to gain access to construction sites, but we hope this safety video helps keep all young people in the area safe this summer.”

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A JSL van on site in Shawfair.

Nick Waugh, commercial property manager at Shawfair LLP, said: ‘Construction workers go through hundreds of hours of training before they’re allowed to work on a site and they have to wear safety equipment, like a protective helmet, at all times. This is why it is so important that children and their families know the dangers of illegally entering a construction site.

Shawfair LLP is a joint venture between Buccleuch Property and Mactaggart & Mickel Homes.


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