Statement of the ASEAN Regional Forum to Promote Peace, Stability and Prosperity through Confidence-Building and Preventive Diplomacy – World


The 29th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) was held on August 5, 2022 in Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia, under the ASEAN 2022 Chairmanship of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

REAFFIRMING the responsibility of all members to uphold the principles of mutual respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and equal rights of all nations, as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and the Treaty of friendship and cooperation in Southeast Asia, and calling on all nations to exercise maximum restraint and make every effort to pursue peaceful dialogue through all channels, including diplomatic means, in order to reduce tensions and reduce conflict;

RECOGNIZING the impacts and uncertainties posed by the growing complexity of regional and global security challenges, including traditional and non-traditional security issues, and RECOGNIZING that these challenges require a holistic and comprehensive approach to address these challenges;

RECOGNIZING the continued relevance of the ARF and the commitment of its members to the promotion and maintenance of peace, security and stability in the region and its vital role in building trust among its participants;

REAFFIRMING the ARF’s commitment to fostering constructive dialogue and cooperation on political and security issues of common interest and concern, to enhancing mutual understanding and transparency, to accepting and, where possible, to reconcile divergent points of view in order to reduce security risks, to promote respect for international law, including the Charter of the United Nations and its related instruments as well as the promotion of confidence and preventive diplomacy to maintain the peace, stability and prosperity in the region;

REITERATING the basic principles contained in the ARF Concept Paper of 1994, which is an important foundational document that has guided the development of the ARF since its inception;

RECOGNIZING the importance given by ASEAN to the principles and objectives of the ASEAN outlook on the Indo-Pacific;

AWARE of the importance of dialogue encompassing interreligious and intercultural interaction as well as efforts to promote respect, understanding and tolerance among people of all religions and without religions, beliefs and cultures as an important element of efforts ARF to promote peace and security;

RECALLING all the principles and purposes of the United Nations as set forth in the Charter of the United Nations which call for the maintenance of international peace and security; andstressing the need to respect human rights and international humanitarian law in conflict resolution;

REAFFIRMING the role of ASEAN as the main driver of the ARF and emphasizing that the active and equal participation and cooperation of all participants in the ARF is essential to the success of the ARF;

EMPHASIZING the importance of the ASEAN theme for Cambodia “ASEAN ACT: Facing Challenges Together” for 2022, which calls on ASEAN Member States to uphold the spirit of unity and strengthen the founding principles of ASEAN, as well as to address major challenges with perseverance and courage in order to further develop an ASEAN community where all peoples live in harmony, peace, stability and prosperity;

EMPHASIZING the importance of the peaceful settlement of disputes and the maintenance of peace, in particular through the prevention of armed conflict, the strengthening of the rule of law and the promotion of inclusive and sustainable economic growth, the eradication of poverty, social development, sustainable development, reconciliation and unity, including through inclusive dialogue and mediation, access to justice, accountability, good governance and gender equality while promoting and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms;

CONCERNED that despite the ARF’s best and successful efforts, security threats and challenges that could undermine the peace, security and stability of the region still exist, and that these challenges are increasingly multifaceted and require our common determination and cooperation to meet them;

EMPHASIZING the importance of creating an enabling environment for strengthening cooperation between our countries in accordance with the principles of consensus, equality, partnership, consultation and mutual respect, and the value of the ARF as a place constructive dialogue, thus contributing to peace, stability, and prosperity in the region and in the world in general;

Hereby endeavor to:

  1. Renew our individual and collective commitment to build on the achievements of the ARF and to strengthen dialogue and cooperation in existing and new areas to promote and maintain regional peace and security;

  2. Commit to maintaining and promoting peace, stability and prosperity through confidence-building measures and preventive diplomacy in the spirit of respect for the fundamental principles of international law as reflected in the Charter of the United Nations and the fundamental principles of ASEAN, as well as shared values ​​and standards;

  3. Deepen cooperation for a collective and effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic; advance regional recovery through effective management of the COVID-19 vaccine deployment and support the strengthening of ASEAN-led regional cooperation and initiatives, including the implementation of the comprehensive ASEAN recovery framework ASEAN (ACRF) and its implementation plan, ensuring equitable access to safe, effective services and quality-assured COVID-19 vaccines;

  4. Work jointly to encourage constructive dialogue and partnerships to build common ground for cooperation in areas of mutual interest and shared interest and the peaceful resolution of international disputes;

  5. To exercise restraint in the conduct of activities likely to affect peace and stability, to refrain from the threat or use of force, to adhere to the principles of preventive diplomacy and to resolve disputes and disputes by peaceful means in accordance with international law;

  6. Further strengthen cooperation among ARF participants in responding to new traditional and non-traditional security challenges, including through information sharing, awareness raising, as well as capacity building measures;

  7. Commit to concrete and practical cooperation to address issues of common interest, with a view to building capacity, developing expertise and improving coordination in areas that can contribute to the collective security objectives of the region ;

  8. Carry out more concrete and effective confidence-building measures and preventive diplomacy (CDM and PD), in order to promote mutual respect, dialogue and consultation, as well as a culture of peace and non-violence, which can contribute to avoid misunderstandings and miscalculations, promote the objectives and principles enshrined in the ASEAN Charter, and support multilateralism based on the principles enshrined in the UN Charter and based on international law;

  9. Support the centrality of ASEAN as a driving force in maintaining an open, transparent and inclusive regional architecture based on the principles of international law;

  10. Explore possible new areas of cooperation in line with ARF’s objective of promoting mutual trust and respect and mutual benefit, thereby contributing to peace, stability, prosperity and long-term sustainability;

  11. Support the enhanced role of the ARF Chair in facilitating dialogue and consultation among ARF participants to promote confidence-building measures and preventive diplomacy (CBM and PD) in the ARF process;

  12. Promote cooperation in peacebuilding initiatives, including encouraging the participation of women and youth in peace processes, fostering the sharing of experiences, best practices, capacity building and collaboration on political and of common interest and concern, including in humanitarian assistance and demining actions towards peace, stability, prosperity and sustainability in the region and beyond.

Adopted on August 5th, year two thousand and twenty-two (2022) at the 29th ASEAN Regional Forum in Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.


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