SoundCommerce extends SoundCommerce campaign, data and intelligence for retail acquisition marketers


The new version of SoundCommerce supports GA4.0 and proprietary data sources; simplified
markup and monitoring of campaigns; links the performance of the digital campaign to the complete order and
buyer profitability

SEATTLE, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Retail data and intelligence platform provider SoundCommercand today announced the new version of SoundCommerce Campaign – acquisition marketing technology that allows retail brand marketers to easily manage paid media campaigns to advance fully loaded profitability goals.

The release comes at a critical time as retailers and consumer brands come under increasing financial pressures from escalating advertising, supply chain and e-commerce delivery costs alongside rising stocks and changes in consumer demand.

SoundCommerce Campaign helps retail marketers connect, map, and model data across digital marketing campaigns and channels, web analytics, and e-commerce storefronts using first-party data to reveal granular insights into buyers and order profitability.

Among mainstream brands using SoundCommerce Campaign for digital marketing optimization is trendy fitness brand Bala based in Los Angeles, CA.

“You traditionally need three, four or five different software platforms to be able to run the custom reports that we run using SoundCommerce. It’s a one-stop platform for us,” said Sam Wilson, Head of Growth at Bala. “Not only does the platform provide access to data, but it also gives department heads the ammunition to have cross-departmental conversations about profitability.”

With SoundCommerce Campaignretail marketers have seamless access to key performance metrics – and underlying modeled data in order to:

  • Measure buyer-specific customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer re-engagement cost (CRC), and combined customer engagement cost (CEC) for new buyers and repeat buyers across all channels marketing;
  • Track Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) as contribution revenue and profit values ​​against CAC, CRC and CEC across all marketing channels, to optimize media mix and ad spend allocation;
  • Reconcile e-commerce transaction performance data captured in storefront platforms such as Shopify, web analytics tools such as Google Analytics 4.0, and self-reported (unattributed) performance of digital marketing channels such as Facebook and Instagram, Google Ads and YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and hundreds of other advertising channels.

“Unlike traditional marketing analysis tools, SoundCommerce Campaign allows retail marketers to go beyond revenue metrics by showing order profitability and shopper CLV. This level of data and insights enables coordinated business optimization across marketing, merchandising and direct-to-consumer operations,” said Diena Lee MannSenior Vice President of Products and Services at SoundCommerce.

“SoundCommerce is innovating on behalf of our growing portfolio of retail customers, helping brand marketers meet and solve critical performance challenges,” said Eric Best, CEO and co-founder of SoundCommerce. “We ensure retail marketers are competitive in an industry where profitable growth is an existential challenge.”

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About SoundCommerce
SoundCommerce is the end-to-end data and business intelligence platform that connects and models marketing, operations, and merchandising so retailers can optimize order and customer profitability across all business functions. Designed for retailers of any size or complexity, SoundCommerce transforms your unique data infrastructure into an easy-to-use, code-free environment accessible to everyone – no engineering degree required. With SoundCommerce, retailers are confident that every decision and every dollar drives profitable growth, from first click to home delivery. Notable clients include PacSun, FTD Proflowers, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Eddie BauerBala and Rainbow Shops.

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