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Expert 24/7 service provided by highly skilled and versatile engineers for even the most remote operations. CREDIT: BEUMER CORP.

Mining operations around the world face several bulk handling challenges, such as transportation over demanding routes, energy-efficient solutions, raw material storage and homogenization, and downtime. Ores, raw salts, waste rock and overburden go through various stages from mine to plant. The support system should ensure smooth, economical and environmentally friendly processing at every stage of material handling despite the extensive transportation routes.

When your mine stops

You have to look beyond handling solutions. You should develop and implement a comprehensive, flexible support program designed for each customer’s individual needs to maximize operational security and minimize downtime.

A good example is Beumer’s support system which is comprised of field service and telephone support systems where mining operations receive 24/7 support from highly skilled and versatile engineers. . Mining operations are often located in remote and desolate locations, making it difficult for them to receive timely onsite support for complex issues. Beyond the impact of location, it’s important to recognize how difficult it is for operators to communicate complex issues under the stress of an impending bottleneck. With downtime having a major impact on your bottom line, the challenge is to provide the next generation of customer support, even for the most remote locations. The latest solution is the smart glasses invented by Beumer to transform traditional assistance systems by offering the quality of in-person technical assistance, but entirely virtual and at a lower cost due to the investment and downtime of the mine.

Support as easy as 1, 2, 3

The smart glasses provide quick and easy assistance to find the fault and fix it efficiently, ensuring trouble-free operation. This smart technology gives you immediate access to Beumer’s global service network in three easy steps:

SStep 1 : Put on your smart glasses.

S2nd step : Start the Beumer assistant app by voice command.

Sstep 3: Share your service code and PIN code.

Now, regardless of geographic location, you are connected to one of Beumer’s global technical support experts via audio and video as they provide direct guidance to your operations personnel to repair or respond to the equipment issue. . Not only do smart glasses allow you to fix the problem, but they also simplify the process of requesting a technician for a service need. Say goodbye to anxiously waiting for the service technician to arrive or trying to verbally communicate a dynamic problem. Beumer offers direct, one-on-one support where together you and an engineer see the machines and data while you receive precise instructions to get your operation back online.

One-on-one direct assistance to get your transaction back online. CREDIT: BEUMER CORP.

“Language barriers or lack of specialist knowledge are no longer relevant for troubleshooting,” said Christopher Kirsch, director of global innovation at Beumer. “With the user, we can also better validate why the fault occurred based on the recorded images.”

A key attribute of Beumer’s customer support system, for both customer service and smart glasses, is long-term optimization strategies for customers. Beumer analyzes available data to help factories understand why the problem occurred, how to avoid the problem in the future, and how to predict peak hour optimization changes based on live data.

The smart glasses technology complements Beumer technical support or service contracts worldwide.

Smart solutions: beyond the buzz

Too often, it seems like “smart solution” is just a buzzword to sell a product. However, Beumer’s approach of reinventing customer support in a “reduce downtime by looking over the shoulder” style has been implemented in what they call “acid testing”. Testing is long-term implementations with customers in a multitude of industries to determine effectiveness and market response to the product. With a global customer service network in place to provide field service by highly trained technicians and now the ability to remotely identify and provide immediate assistance, businesses can count downtime in minutes instead hours, wherever they are.


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