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While more than 70% of Americans complain of poor rest, RISE announces that it has further improved its sleep hygiene app. Now users can track their sleep without needing to wear a watch or manually enter their sleep hours.

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The updated app works through historical data collected from the user’s phone. This means that a complete profile is established of the user from day one. RISE can then assess how much quality rest a person needs and what sleep hygiene tactics can help them get it.

This is what differentiates RISE from others. Unlike other sleep apps that generate and suggest information about just the person’s sleep, RISE suggests dawn-to-dusk behavior changes that can help users get the sleep they need.

Additionally, other sleep tracking apps only assess the sleep cycles a person is going through. However, data shows that no sleep cycle is better than the rest – all are necessary for good sleep. Thus, the monitoring of its cycles has only an informative rather than a therapeutic function. Similarly, the accuracy of other apps and wearable devices when it comes to sleep cycle tracking is often incorrect.

The creators of RISE wanted to create an app that determined how much “sleep debt” a person was carrying instead. This is the number of hours a person needs to get a good night’s sleep. Using the latest circadian rhythm research combined with the science of sleep debt, RISE is able to predict and improve how users feel and function every day.

According to data, 80% of RISE users experience the benefits of a better night’s rest within 5 days.

The app is available on Google Play and Apple stores.

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