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As the top rated WordPress designers and one of the top five web designers in the UK, Director Adam N of WebsiteDesigners.London shares design tips for 2022. Find out what you can do to get and keep a length ahead of the competition in the new year

The design of your website and other aspects of your business and brand is critical to your success. The importance of having a good website for business simply cannot be overlooked. This not only impacts your credibility, but also your conversions and sales. Your site must be optimized for the best user experience if you want to outperform your competitors in the coming year.

3D design, multimedia and interactive design

As web designers think about the future and 2022, you should also focus on 3D design, multimedia, and interactive design. For example, you must be prepared to integrate and adopt animation, augmented reality, virtual reality, video, and large-scale imagery, in addition to interactive features.

However, keep in mind that you also need to be able to deliver the best possible experience regardless of what device the user is on. Others seek to personalize the entire site for the user and to be able to move rooms and elements around as they please. This will be for the visitor to have more control and be able to interact with your website and your design.

Take a mobile-first approach

If you want to be found in Google searches and stay at the top of the rankings, you should consider a mobile-first approach with your design. This must be a top priority going forward and not on the back burner. Understand how your target audience interacts with your brand and website to ensure your website is easy to use and effective. Keep in mind that users interact differently with content on mobile than on other devices.

High-quality content is always essential (consider repurposing it)

Another design tip for 2022 is to bring back the best performing content that will be extremely important to your success. Take the time to review your main content and what has gotten the most attention over the past few years. Take the time to update your posts with relevant and timely information, then plan to re-launch them. However, be sure to keep the existing URL in place. After a few updates and its relaunch, you’ll likely see significant improvements with organic clicks.

Focus on simple navigation

One of the best design tips for 2022 when it comes to your website and its design is to keep it simple. You need to be able to instantly communicate your main message and what you’re doing right off the bat. Use simple language and adapt your navigation to your content.

The experts at WebsiteDesigners.London encourage you to focus on emotionally connecting with your audience and using as few words as possible in your overall website design. Some may also call it conscious web design.

When it comes to keeping your site simple, be careful not to overload it. In 2022, the focus should be on a modern, sleek and clean design that is attractive and easy to browse. Content versatility is a must, and you should also be aware of your 404s and get rid of them immediately.

Maintain a consistent brand

Developing a strong brand identity will be key in 2022 and beyond. It’s the lifeblood of your business and will impact traffic to your site and conversions. You need to stay consistent across all customer touchpoints. The same goes for your messaging and the tone of your website and in your design. Seek to create consistency with your value proposition, aesthetics and tone of your site.

Make SEO a priority

SEO helps you gain more traffic and Google will be more likely to highlight and reward your site. When it comes to your website design and SEO, make sure you have responsive design, relevant header tags, relevant title tags, and use short descriptive URLs.

Also collect relevant backlinks and make sure your content speaks to your audience. Use targeted keywords throughout your website which will increase organic traffic. The speed of your site also plays a role and should be a major concern.

Include a direct CTA and place it at the bottom

Always put your CTA at the bottom, say top-rated WordPress designers at WebsiteDesigners.London. It’s too overbearing and aggressive to have your CTA near the top of the page. You can safely assume that not all visitors will be ready to take action when they learn about your brand and click through to your site. Give them a chance to warm up and learn more about you before incorporating your CTA on the page. You will first have to convince them and take them to the next step before telling them what you want them to do.

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