Semicolon Club of NIT Srinagar is holding orientation session for freshman batch


Srinagar, 01 May: On Sunday, the “Semicolon Coding Club” of the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Srinagar held the orientation for the new batch of 2021 and over 500 students from all freshman branches attended.

In his message, the Director of NIT Srinagar, Professor (Dr) Rakesh Sehgal said that the event aims to inform new students about the various opportunities and activities on campus. Such sessions also promote original thinking and analytical thinking in students, he said.

NIT Registrar Prof. Syed Kaiser Bukhari appreciated the organizers for organizing an event for the batch of newbies and said such activities are the need of the hour for overall development.

The Head of IT and Engineering Department, Dr. Roohi Naaz congratulated the entire Semicolon team for organizing this successful event.

“Events like this are beneficial for creating a great coding culture inside the campus, which will eventually lead to the training of better engineers,” she said.

The session was attended by all eight freshman branches and was divided into various informative and fun activities.

On the occasion, Semicolon Club Faculty Coordinator Dr. Shaima Qureshi said that in present times, coding is a very important skill and through Semicolon, all students of NIT Srinagar can get an environment that will help them excel in their coding skills. .

She also said that various other technical workshops and events are planned for the spring and fall semesters.

The event was organized by the Semicolon 2019 Batch Team under the leadership of the 2018 Batch Seniors. familiar with the various opportunities at NIT Srinagar.

They said that students are exposed to programming, robotics, management, web development, graphic design, etc. thanks to Club Point-semimate.

The introductory session was followed by fun activities including Cipher, Dumb Charades and a Debating Contest – Face Off.

Mehvish Alvi-2021BCIV039, Shreya Kumari Singh-2021BELE016, Pranjal Verma- 2021BCSE069, Jaya Dhiman- 2021BCSE059 were declared the final winners of the fun competitions.

The organizers extended their sincere thanks to the Honorable Director of NIT Srinagar, Prof. (Dr) Rakesh Sehgal, Registrar, Prof. Syed Kaisar Bukhari, HOD CSE – Dr. Roohi Naaz and Faculty Coordinator of the Point- comma – Dr. Shaima Quershi for their support of this event.

They also expressed their gratitude to Dr. Aamir Ahsan for providing five prefabricated rooms for the conduct of this event.

Semicolon is one of the leading coding and tech clubs in North India and the largest in our state. Semicolon is also the organizing body of one of the biggest tech festivals in North India – “Exordium”. Semicolon alumni are placed in a big company like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. in the whole world.


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