Samba TV launches iCPM to ensure additional reach


Samba TV launches iCPM to ensure additional reach

February 25, 2022

Multi-screen TV news and analytics provider Samba TV has launched an ad currency called “incremental cost per thousand impressions” (iCPM), to help marketers pay only for ad impressions that have previously served in homes. not exposed to their linear TV campaigns.

Samba TV uses data from social media, connected devices and tens of millions of opt-in smart TV households around the world, to help customers measure TV viewing and understand its impact on viewer behavior. consumers and purchasing. Launched in the US, the new performance-based iCPM metric was developed to help advertisers discover and reach hard-to-engage audiences across linear video, online streaming and mobile.

The solution offers additional audience measurement insights with a dashboard focused on guaranteed reach. This provides marketers with up-to-the-minute, up-to-the-minute optimization insights that provide insight into the true cost of performance-based incremental reach.

Samba TV SVP of Revenue Products Avi Brown (pictured) comments, “With more than a third of all US consumers no longer watching linear TV, it has become a business imperative for brands to find new solutions. iCPM is the first omniscreen solution that gives marketers additional reach as a performance guarantee currency. By leveraging iCPM, media buyers eliminate the risk of wasted budget and ensure they only reach new incremental audiences.”

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