Rhino Web Studios is pleased to announce the launch of its new franchise.


After 21 years as one of New Orleans’ most trusted web designers, Brett Thomas, Founder and CEO of Rhino Digital, LLC, decided to partner with Franchise Marketing Systems to provide franchise opportunities on certain markets in the United States.

Thomas created his first website in 2001, and at the time he admits the design wasn’t really good. A U.S. Army veteran and New Orleans tour guide at the time, Thomas made web design a hobby, building just a dozen sites between 2001 and 2005.

Born from the flood waters

In the early fall of 2005, everything changed. Hurricane Katrina covered the city of New Orleans in floodwaters and destroyed the local economy – temporarily. No longer able to do tours in a flooded town, Thomas did some small construction work and contracted a roofing company to put blue tarps over the damaged roofs to make ends meet. He did this for about a year until a friend in LaPlace, LA invited him to a local business networking group. The group meets weekly for lunch for the sole purpose of doing without business. It was at this meeting that Brett was offered his first viable job designing commercial web sites.

“The owner of a glass business in LaPlace told me he needed a site and he said he had a budget of $3000. Of course, I jumped at the chance! That’s when he decided he was going to do this full time and be the best web developer in Southeast Louisiana.

Thomas goes on to say, “Learning to be the best was just the first step. It was always my intention to open Rhino Web Studios in several states across the country”. He also joked, “Rhino stands for Right Here In New Orleans.”

After 21 years of building the desktop support and training system framework and customer support structure, Rhino Web Studios is poised for explosive growth.

A team and support systems are essential for any new business owner willing to venture out on their own. Franchising provides new entrepreneurs with much-needed structure, with systems in place to help them navigate new business ownership. Thomas explains, “Rhino Web has excellent support from owners as well as the Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS) team.

Christopher Connor, President of FMS, has over 20 years of experience in the franchise development industry. He says, “This is a winning franchise opportunity for anyone who wants to get involved in the growing web development industry, but doesn’t know how to build websites.”

Rhino Web Studios is ready to meet the demand for web design and SEO products, as well as the need of market leaders in the web development and SEO industry. Thomas is convinced that FMS and its impeccable track record is the right choice to achieve this goal. “Franchise Marketing Systems has the experience and reputation of 20 years of building successful franchises, and we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.”

Thinking of owning your own Rhino Web Studios franchise? For franchise information, visit https://rhinopm.com or contact [email protected]

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