Response to Global Hunger: Response Plan – September 2022 – Afghanistan



The hunger crisis is intensifying, due to conflict, climate change, the ripple effects of COVID-19, as well as rising fuel, food and fertilizer prices. As this crisis deepens, 345 million people suffering from acute hunger are being pushed to the brink of starvation – 25% more than was at risk at the start of the year and 40% more than pre-pandemic estimates. This situation disrupts the lives of millions of boys and girls and their families. Children are particularly affected with notable increases in infant mortality, malnutrition, child labour, child marriage and school dropout. These children will have no chance of surviving, living on their own and thriving unless we act NOW.

Having intensified our efforts to avert famine over the past year, including regional responses in East and West Africa, World Vision declared US$2 billion Global Hunger Response on May 16, 2022 to rapidly accelerate efforts to scale up operations, increase funding, influence decision makers, and inform and mobilize the public to action and prayer. Global Hunger Response aims to reach 22 million of the most vulnerable people in 25 countries on high alert where people face starvation-like conditions.

In this plan, we detail World Vision’s overall effort to respond to the urgency and severity of needs around the world through scaling up multidimensional response programming that targets both the needs communities and tackles the underlying drivers to stop the natural cycle of hunger as well as advocacy to drive action.


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