Request for Proposals: Infrastructure Program Design and Funding Strategy – Jordan


For nearly 55 years, Anera has been meeting the needs of refugees and other disadvantaged communities in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. By meeting the basic needs of those we serve, Anera fills a gap in access to basic services that so many of us take for granted every day.

An area of ​​strategic focus for Anera is the development of community infrastructure. Anera provides solutions to development challenges in collaboration with local partners through the repair and improvement of water and sanitation networks and wastewater reuse facilities; construction of schools, clinics and community centers; and the development of clean energy solutions.

We are committed to continuing to build critical infrastructure in our service areas, in part by expanding current efforts. In order to maximize the capacity of existing staff, we are looking for one or more partners who can support the evaluation and planning of projects, as well as the construction and submission of proposals to funding partners.

Anera solicits information from qualified individuals or organizations wishing to support our work. We invite responses that describe the respondent’s abilities in the following areas:

  • Work experience and availability to work with international development teams on the ground in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.
  • Successful experience in designing, submitting and securing multi-sector, multi-stakeholder proposals for institutional donors, such as USAID, BPRM, UN agencies, Islamic Relief and others.
  • Ability to design and lead needs assessments as needed.
  • Understanding of infrastructure needs in the region and ability to support the creation of emerging or innovative approaches.
  • Ability to create and drive the overall proposal development strategy, working with the program team on concepts, theory of change and results frameworks.
  • Experience in program development or management.
  • Strong project management skills.

How to register

We invite all potential partners to submit a detailed and detailed response that skillfully but concisely demonstrates their qualifications. High-level questions and submissions can be directed to Anera’s Director of Development, Derek Madsen, at [email protected] Responses expected before 08/26/2022.


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