Race against time for the construction of Angel Road Infant School


3:43 PM August 23, 2022

A city school faces a race against time to be ready to welcome its students back to school.

With less than two weeks into the autumn term, much of Angel Road Nursery School in Norwich still looks like a building site.

Work continued over the summer to add new modular classrooms to the city site, as part of a project to also accommodate pupils from nearby Angel Road Junior School.

Angel Road Infant School faces a race against time to be ready for the new school year
– Credit: Ella Wilkinson

It comes more than a year after the primary school was vacated over security concerns around its roof, with children split between nursery school and spare classrooms at nearby St Clement’s Hill Primary Academy since June 2021.

The Evolution Academy Trust, which runs the school, said ahead of the summer holidays that from September 2022 pupils from the two Angel Road schools will be taught on the nursery school site.

Less than a fortnight from now, the construction workers are still on site.

Poplars Primary School, Lowestoft got a good Ofsted report.  Director Lynsey Holzer with

Lynsey Holzer, CEO of the Evolution Academy Trust
– Credit: Nick Butcher

Lynsey Holzer, chief executive of the trust, said she was confident the school would be able to provide “good quality accommodation” for all of its pupils from September.

She said: “Angel Road is progressing well – it’s been difficult because ideally a construction project shouldn’t be so quick and in the face of material shortages and rising costs, it’s certainly caused some sleepless nights. .

“We have accommodation for all the children ready for September and most of the alternations to make the site more suitable for older children will be completed.”

Ms Holzer added that the trust is lobbying the Department of Education to fund a full reconstruction of the nursery school site.

But a local councilor fears parents have been left in the dark about what September will hold.

Green Party member Alex Catt and Councilman Gary Champion outside the disused site of Angel Road Secondary School

Green Party member Alex Catt and Councilman Gary Champion outside the disused site of Angel Road Secondary School
– Credit: Alex Catt

Alex Catt, Green Party councilor for the ward of Sewell, said: “Parents need certainty and transparency about their children’s education.

“After a year of being left in the dark, moving schools and permanently closing the primary school site, seeing your child’s school look like a building site just weeks before they return is unsettling.

“Our children’s education should not depend on the minimum that EAT is able to muster by September.”


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