PTV Group launches cloud-based route optimization product for the CPG industry


Karlsruhe, Germany —

  • Flexible and easy-to-use web application to manage the complexities of urban delivery
  • Fleet-optimized routes to reduce mileage and costs
  • Making full use of vehicle and driver resources is more important than ever

Arlington, VA, April 25, 2022. PTV Group, one of the world’s leading software providers for mobility and logistics solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of PTV Route Optimizer – a cloud-based product designed to meet the challenges of last mile delivery for consumer packaged goods (CPG). He supports manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and carriers in the regional distribution of CPG products and handles the complexities of urban delivery extremely well.

At the touch of a button, PTV Route Optimizer creates efficient and robust routes for fleets to reduce mileage and costs, while taking into account various important planning aspects: for example, slot restrictions for pick-up and delivery, individual vehicle profiles of heterogeneous fleets, vehicle equipment. requirements such as vehicle refrigeration or lifting, and driving time requirements. This flexible, easy-to-use web application requires no onboarding or extensive training so planners can start working in minutes. The intuitive, user-friendly interface uses drag-and-drop functionality and can be configured to any organization’s preferences.

In today’s fast-paced environment, customers expect nothing less than fast deliveries and up-to-date information on arrival times. This need, along with the growing demands of shippers and carriers to reduce costs and emissions, makes creating smart routes that maximize vehicle and driver utilization more important than ever.

With PTV’s solution, transport planners will benefit from automated and therefore faster and more efficient processes. All planning will become more transparent with better and robust results – with a positive impact on the whole organization and the challenges drivers face on the road. Drivers will stick to their assigned ramp times, spend less time waiting for new slots, and won’t encounter restrictions or difficulties along the way, improving customer service through fast delivery.

“The PTV team is excited to bring its route optimization data, technology and expertise to the cloud to serve as a one-stop-shop for route planning and optimization. Thanks to robust planning, very realistic routes are calculated, which significantly reduces the risk of possible disruptions during the execution of the service. This enables organizations to sustainably improve their reliability and customer satisfaction,” says Christian U. Haas, CEO of PTV Group.

PTV Group is proud to draw on over 40 years of experience in logistics planning and route optimization. The company has a deep understanding of the challenges facing the CPG industry, especially now post COVID-19. They work closely with the main data providers and offer the most accurate maps as well as powerful algorithms.

Interested organizations will find more information and the possibility of a trial here:


PTV. Strengthen mobility.

PTV Group is one of the world’s leading providers of software for real-time traffic planning, simulation and management, as well as a provider of optimization solutions for transport logistics. With more than 40 years of experience in the fields of mobility and logistics, the Germany-based company provides software products based on proprietary algorithms ranging from microscopic and macroscopic traffic modeling and simulation to traffic management. real-time traffic, benefiting over 2,500 cities and municipalities. In addition, PTV is one of the leading companies providing software for the planning and optimization of logistics processes, especially in the field of route planning and route optimization. Bridgepoint acquired a majority stake in the company in February 2022 to further accelerate its growth with Porsche Automobil Holding SE, which continues to hold a minority stake in PTV.


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