Preparatory work begins on Sudbury Cultural Hub site


Work on the Junction East cultural hub site has begun, with a crew on site this week to relocate an Enbridge gas line from the proposed site downtown next to the Sudbury Theater Centre.

“This is necessary to move the line out of the Junction East building footprint so that construction can continue into next year,” a city spokesperson said.

“Over the summer, the architectural team and all partners continued to work to create a detailed design that will form the basis of the construction documents for the tender,” they added. “Exact details of materials, finishes, electrical and plumbing systems, structural engineering requirements, etc., will all be part of the detailed design.”

The city council approved a concept design of the Junction East cultural center building for the $98.5 million project at the June 28 city council meeting, after first seeing it in a presentation at the special meeting of the municipal council on May 3. The building is expected to house a new central library, the Art Gallery of Sudbury and the Sudbury Multicultural and Folk Arts Association.

Still conceptual, the work currently taking place under the direction of the city council aims to bring the design to a stage where the project can be put out to tender. This process is expected to continue until mid-November, when the city team behind the effort will put together a tender document to be released early in the new year.

There are four shortlisted bidders for this project from a total of 10 companies that will initially show interest in the project. They understand:

  • EllisDon Corporation (Mississauga)
  • Bird Building Group (Mississauga)
  • Aquicon Construction Co.Ltd. (Brampton)
  • PCL Constructors Northern Ontario Inc. (Sudbury)

During this time, the cultural campus committee met regularly. This group includes the Art Gallery of Sudbury, the Greater Sudbury Public Library and the Multicultural and Folk Arts Association of Sudbury, each bearing a footprint of the building.

The Sudbury Theater Center is also part of the committee, although it is not included in the currently proposed new building. Recent reports from the city have noted “synergies” the theater is expected to establish with the new building, built next door in its parking lot.

City Council is expected to receive its next update on this project at its Oct. 4 meeting.

In July, the City Council voted to withdraw the Kingsway Entertainment District, a planned municipal arena/event center that has soared to $215 million in cost, more than double its original $100 million budget. of dollars.

The Junction East Cultural Hub has also increased from its original price of $46.5 million, although it has also changed location and scope since its original proposal.

The $98.5 million budget includes a $14 million emergency budget, which Ian Wood, director of strategic initiative, communications and citizen services, says provides enough breathing room for ‘he is convinced that it can be built in this price range.

The building is expected to open in 2025.



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