Play the New Era of Jobs With These 4 Gigabyte Economic Stocks – December 24, 2021


The global work culture has changed for some time now, and the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed it again. While many still dream of a well-paying job and climbing the career ladder, the pandemic has drastically changed the mindset of millions of people.

With the culture of working from home becoming a new normal, more and more people want more control over their time. Today, people want more flexible working hours. This saw more workers join the odd-job economy, doing related actions like Airbnb (ABNB Free report), Crexendo (CXDO Free report), Drop box (DBX Free report) and TrueCare (TRUE Free report) more attractive.

Gig Work is growing in popularity

The concept of saving concerts has been around for some time now, but it has only grown in popularity recently. The word gig was coined by Tina Brown, the editor-in-chief of The New Yorker, in 2009 to describe a set of floating projects, freelance work, part-time projects and consultancy services as they transacted in a digital space.

Prior to that, since 1940, there was the traditional workplace culture that revolved around 9-5 work based on one job. Although gig jobs, side activities, or part-time jobs were available before 2020, people preferred job stability to flexibility.

However, since the pandemic broke, the traditional workplace has undergone a dramatic change. People are looking more for a relaxed work culture where there is flexibility in when and how to work, which makes the concert economy extremely attractive.

A new work culture that drives gig economy stocks

The concert economy was popular even before the pandemic. A CNBC report released in February 2020, just before the COVID-19 outbreak, said that according to a report from ADP Research, the odd-job economy had swelled by 6 million heads since 2010. The pandemic has not only increased the number.

Millions of people have lost their jobs or been put on leave as a result of the closures. This has forced many of them to take part-time jobs to manage their household. At the same time, it also made them aware of the time flexibility offered by such jobs.

Additionally, the pandemic has made Americans less social. They work and learn from home, shop online, and order groceries and food through apps. So, they literally don’t have to leave their homes unless it is required.

Carpool services like Uber Technologies (UBER) and Lyft (LYFT) and other home rentals were hit hard, but as the economy reopened, they started to rebound. This is why these actions of the gig economy are likely to play an important role in the coming days.

Our choices

We have selected four concert actions that are likely to benefit in the short term, as flexible working hours take precedence over stability.

Airbnb, together with its subsidiaries, operates a platform of stays and experiences for customers around the world. ABNB provides a marketplace model that connects hosts and guests online or through mobile devices to book spaces and experiences. Airbnb mainly offers private rooms and luxury villas.

Airbnb’s expected profit growth rate is 95.9% for the current year and over 100% for next year. ABNB shares have gained 13.8% in the past six months. Airbnb sports a rank 1 of Zacks (strong buy). You can see the full list of today’s Zacks # 1 Rank stocks here.

Drop box, headquartered in San Francisco, is a service company. DBX offers a platform that allows users to store and share files, photos, videos, songs, and spreadsheets.

Dropbox’s expected profit growth rate for the current year and next year is 60.2% and 6%, respectively. Zacks’ consensus estimate for current year earnings has improved 3.5% in the past 60 days. DBX shares have gained 12% year-to-date. Dropbox has a Zacks # 2 rank.

TrueCar is committed to the development and publication of an online automotive information and communication platform. TRUE operates its branded platform on TrueCar allows users to obtain market-based price data on new and used cars, as well as connect to its network of TrueCar certified dealers.

TrueCar’s expected earnings growth rate for next year is 100%. Shares of TRUE have gained 6.4% in the past seven days. TrueCar currently has a Zacks Rank # 2.

Crexendo operates as an e-commerce application service provider, enabling businesses to expand their business online. CXDO involves the sale of StoresOnline software licenses; and providing search engine optimization, search engine management, conversion rate optimization, website design and development and web hosting services. Crexendo sells and markets its products and services in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Crexendo’s expected profit growth rate for next year is 50%. Zacks’ consensus estimate for current year earnings has improved by over 100% in the past 60 days. CXDO has a Zacks Rank # 2.


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