Plans to build 126 meters of homes from the Bridlington borehole which provides millions of liters of drinking water

The view of the gardens on the site

Keyland Developments Ltd, the trading arm of Kelda Group, the parent company of Yorkshire Water, is seeking planning permission to develop fields off the A165 Scarborough road. The 10-acre site, currently used to graze horses, is within Groundwater Source Protection Zone 1 for the Flamborough Chalk Aquifer.

YW’s Higher Water Works borehole is just nine meters east of the site and 9,800 cubic meters of water are extracted daily. There are also two covered tanks nearby.

A consultancy report submitted to the East Riding Council as part of the plans says ‘the ramifications of a groundwater pollution event would be enormous’.

The site off the A165 Scarborough Road

They add: “If unexpected contaminants pollute groundwater, they will enter the public supply system with little or no warning before the water is at customers’ taps.”

The plans state that as part of the borehole protection measures, they will double sewers and use oversized pipes with interceptors for surface water drainage.

There would also be no buildings within 50 meters of the borehole, with the area being used instead as open space.

The site, which was sold to Keyland a few years ago, is not intended for housing but developers say it will ‘make efficient and attractive use of land on a site which is largely surrounded by existing housing and offered.


In a statement, YW said it was reviewing the technical solution proposed by specialist sub-consultants to protect the borehole “with the protection of the water supply as a key priority”. He said: “Approval of any application to the site would be conditional on ensuring all drilling protection measures have been very carefully implemented and adhered to.”


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