Plans submitted for a new car showroom on Mellishaw Lane in Morecambe


The site of the current temporary showroom is located east of the Lancaster Volkswagen car dealership, north of Mellishaw Lane.

The site has already been the subject of planning permission for a mixed-use development integrating uses B1, B2 and B8, four car dealerships and a car accessories and fast-food store

catering point as well as the erection of four units A, BC, D and road access.

The photo shows recently constructed buildings on the site. The new buildings use the same design and material palette. Photo courtesy of Damson Consultancy Ltd Architects.

Planning permission is now being sought for further development on the site and relates to the construction of new employment units, a car showroom, ancillary buildings, roads, service areas, car parks and associated site works.

The new car showroom is in the Lancaster Volkswagen site area and will replace the current Automart sale which is housed in a temporary building.

The new car sales building will house Automart as well as two other car brands.

The rear compound space will provide much needed valeting and car washing facilities.

The site will be accessible from the new access road from Vickers Way and Mellishaw Lane.

The site layout has been developed to provide a range of sizes of employment units designed in terraces with frontage service and parking areas.

The proposed development will provide a new walkway inside the shoulder of Mellishaw Lane along the frontage of the site towards Vickers Way.

The parking lots to be developed must meet the parking needs of the development and avoid any parking on the internal or off-site access roads.

The planning request still needs to be decided in a planning meeting.


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