Plans filed to build 128 new homes in Barnoldswick


A request for the construction of 128 new dwellings on the site of an old mill has been submitted to the town hall.

The developers, Seddon Homes, lodged plans with Pendle Council on November 1 to build 128 homes on the site of the former Barnsay Shed in Long Ing Lane, Barnoldswick.

Plans include the creation of a new road from Long Ing Lane and associated works.

The site is partly on vacant industrial wasteland, which housed the old Barnsay Mill before its demolition, and partly on agricultural wasteland.

If given the green light, in addition to the proposed 94 three-bedroom homes and 27 four-bedroom homes, there would be seven affordable three-bedroom homes and space created for 310 cars.

A planning statement submitted with the application reads: “There are no environmental, historical or arboreal designations affecting the site.

“It is sustainably located, with good access to existing local amenities and facilities, good public transport and pedestrian links.”

In 2017 an application for development of up to 148 houses with access from Long Ing Lane and new access was approved by council, but lapsed.

A request to build 129 homes on the land was later refused in 2020 on grounds of flood risk, with an appeal against this refusal dismissed in 2021.

A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) has been compiled and the Environment Agency says the site is in Flood Zone 1 and poses a low risk of flooding, with an annual probability of flooding less than 0.1%.

However, to the south of the site there are two high flood risk areas with medium and low risk areas surrounding them.

The planning statement continues: “These flood hazard areas are due to low laying depressions in the terrain with ground conditions comprising mainly layers of impermeable sandy clay overlying water saturated sands and gravels. underground.

“The majority of flooding occurs on land to the south and on this basis the groundwater risk on the southern parcel of the development is rated as moderate.

“Surface water flood mitigation is offered entirely on-site in attenuation ponds that allow for the full volume of on-site storage with increased capacity for a once-in-100-year storm.

“The total capacity of the proposed ponds is 735.8 cubic meters.

“The FRA concludes that the proposed development will not increase the risk of on-site or off-site flooding from any source.”

Anyone wishing to comment on the application should contact Pendle Council no later than 23 November.


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