PicsArt Gold and what you’ll get with your subscription


PicsArt is the best online tool for uploading, editing and producing images with the best qualities ever seen on the Internet. It has endless benefits and features. And thanks to these features, it has attracted 1 billion downloads. Anyone who uploads eye-catching images on social media knows Picsart because it uses PicsArt to edit them and provide the best result ever.

It is also used to edit videos for different social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. People who upload YouTube shorts can use PicsArt to create the best short videos and upload them to their YouTube channels. PicsArt is therefore the best option for consumers who use social media to promote their business or gain followers.

Celebrities can also use PicsArt to create eye-catching images and videos to attract more followers. It has 3 subscriptions. The first subscription is “Free”, which has limited functionality. Each brand offers a 7-day, 30-day free trial, and some also offer lifetime trials to keep their users in one place. PicsArt has therefore also offered a lifetime trial to its users.

Trial or free subscriptions offer limited features, but premium features have unlimited options. Every brand offers free trials because they want their user to test their services. Once the user is attracted, they buy the premium subscription as they don’t want to be limited by minor features.

So, PicsArt also offers premium features that users want to use. The name of its premium subscription is “PicsArt Gold.” This is the best subscription for people who love uploading photos and videos to social media. I will explain all the features of “PicsArt Gold”, which will clear up any confusion among users who want to use PicsArt Gold for their social media activities.

Overview and Benefits of PicsArt Gold

PicsArt Gold membership has countless benefits, but I will mention the most important ones. You will witness other features, but they are not worth explaining. I will only explain the features requested by users. So get ready because we are going to share some exciting stuff.

Access on Mobile and Web

When you subscribe to PicsArt Gold, you can edit your photos and videos on your smartphone or webpage. Web stands for online publishing. You want to edit your image on Google Chrome, you can do that, but a premium subscription is required for that. When you have a premium subscription, you don’t have to worry about editing limitation as it will be accessible on your Smartphone and Web Browsers.

This is the advantage of using the PicsArt Gold subscription. Editing your photos and videos is accessible on all the devices you carry. You don’t feel exhausted after having something to modify. You must use this PicsArt Premium to access all the features of PicsArt on your Smartphone.

Over 20 million premium stock images

Over 20 million seems small in writing, but when you start exploring these images, videos, and graphics, you’ll see an endless list. PicsArt offers stunning backgrounds and other elements for creating professional photos and videos.

When you use a free membership, you don’t get these things. You have to organize everything yourself, but the premium version gives many things by default. PicsArt already provides the elements that you decide to upload yourself. And that’s because PicsArt takes care of users using their Gold subscription.

You can find the best formats of images, graphics and videos in these 20 million stocks to find, download, edit and produce the best thing you want. Thanks to the PicsArt Gold subscription, which added everything you want.

no watermark

When using the free plan, you don’t see the option to enable or disable the watermark. The watermark seems reasonable, but it hurts self-promotion because customers never trust someone who uses free stuff for themselves.

Whenever a brand promotes some of its offers, it avoids a watermark to remain inside the video or photo. When big brands prevent this, you should avoid it because others don’t like it. Also, consumers don’t trust brands that don’t have their labels.

So watermark removal is necessary to some extent. Your brand will be loved when there is no watermark. Your promotion will seem natural when no other wording is found. It is essential to have no title on anything that PicsArt Gold offers.

When you have the premium subscription of PicsArts Gold, you don’t have to fear this thing. You can safely edit and download videos without any watermark. This thing improves your brand promotion, and your business stats also increase when you have promoted it in the right way.

Premium tools and recording options

When you have a premium subscription, premium tools are offered by PicsArt.

In PicsArt Gold you have excellent tools to edit your photos and videos. For example, you want to add text to any image. PicsArt offers great tools for adding these texts. It has countless player designs with many colors and animations. To make your image attractive, you can add any method you like. There is no limit to adding multiple designs. Even PicsArt has offered cool backgrounds to help you find the perfect match for your particular image.

This same is available in the videos section. You get unlimited backgrounds, slides, designs, and intro videos to promote your brand and products. Let’s say you have an eBook providing information on “How to Lose Weight While Enjoying All the Foods You Love”. If you want to make a video where you will add promotions then PicsArt Gold will be the best choice as you get unlimited intros to promote such things.

After all that, you can save your project to its library. Let’s say you’re working and something happens that makes you leave the office. What will you do? Do you want to cancel the current modification and leave? Indeed yes, but your hard work will never fade away as you can save your project in the same quality.

When you edit a video, the quality metrics you set remain the same. Saving a project therefore saves a lot of time. This is the advantage of using PicsArt Gold. Your privacy is important, as are your tasks. You can save your projects and edit them whenever you want.

To wrap up

So these are the 4 main features of using PicsArt Gold. Several other parts are available, but I won’t break the story. You should try PicsArt Gold yourself. It’s a surprise. I won’t reveal everything, but when you use it yourself, you’ll experience other high-quality features not found in any other app. If you have any questions, please ask because we’re here to answer.


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