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The infamous first-person hero shooter Overwatch recently launched its sequel, Overwatch 2, in October 2022. It was released by Blizzard Entertainment with the goal of having a shared environment for both PVP and co-op modes . Due to many players trying the game, Overwatch 2 players encounter a number of errors, such as LC error code 208. Some errors occur due to a lack of optimization, and others are due to personal issues.

Overwatch 2 characters contain supports, DPS and tanks. Other than that, heroes like Reinhardt, Winston, and Genji are worth trying out. Also, if you haven’t played the game yet due to long queues or frequent PC crashes, read our guides for quick fixes. However, if you have started the game, you must check out the BEST tips and tricks in order to get a head start.

Key points to remember:

    • The LC 208 error code occurs due to a network problem.
    • You can fix the error by changing your Internet settings, changing the region, checking the NAT type, and changing the DNS server.
    • In some cases, the error will come from Overwatch 2 ending, so you will need to check their server status through their forum or from a third-party website.
    • If you are unable to fix the error, you will not be able to play Overwatch 2.

What is error code LC 208 in Overwatch 2

LC Error Message 208 – Image captured by us

Besides waiting in long queues, some Overwatch players are getting various errors. If you have encountered error code LC 208, you know that it immediately disconnects you from the game. Although the game gives you a message with the error that you have been disconnected, it does not tell you why.

There are several reasons why this error can occur; therefore, we have mentioned several methods in order to fix the error. Therefore, try the closest fixes on your PC or console first, then try the others.

However, since the error is mainly caused by a network error, it is possible that the problem is not yours. In the event that the Overwatch 2 server is down either due to a maintenance outage or due to a higher influx of players, there is nothing you can do but wait.

How to Fix LC Error Code 208

You can correct the error by different methods; use the one that suits you best. However, we recommend that you check your computer or console settings just before trying any fixes. It is possible that you have made slight changes that are causing the error.

Check your internet connection

Check your internet ping, upload and download speed
Check your internet speed – Image: eXputer

The first and most important thing is to check your internet connection. You can check the ping, download and upload speed of your internet using a website. You can use websites like quick and Speed ​​test by Ookla. If your speed turns out to be slow, make sure to turn off the Wi-Fi in case no one is using it.

You can disable Wi-Fi by simply entering your IP address in any browser. To disable wi-fi, you will first need to enter your credentials in order to connect. Then in the settings you will find an option, “Wireless”, where you can see your wi-fi settings.

There you will find two options, either to enable or disable wi-fi. Click disable. This will give your computer or console more internet speed; therefore, you will be able to connect to the Overwatch 2 server faster.

Check Overwatch 2 Servers

Fix Overwatch 2 LC error code 208 by checking its forum
Overwatch 2 Forum – Image: eXputer

If your internet connection is working fine, the second thing you can do is check the Overwatch 2 servers. The problem might be that your server is trying to contact Overwatch 2, but their server is down. If so, you will get error code LC 208.

There are two ways to check the status of Overwatch 2 servers. The first way is to simply continue Blizzard Forum for Overwatch 2, where you will see an “advertisement” category. Through this category, you will stay up to date with what is happening in the game. Moreover, you can also check the chat tab for more information about anything related to the game.

Check Detector Failures To Fix Overwatch 2 LC Error Code 208
Fault Detector Fault Report

The second method of checking Overwatch status is to use third-party websites such as failure detector. On the website, you can even see the timestamp of errors reported within twenty-four hours. Therefore, you can use this data to play the game at a time when minimal errors are reported.

Change region

Changing region in Overwatch 2 to fix LC error code 208
Region options for Overwatch 2 – Image: eXputer

It is possible that at this time the error occurs in a certain region. If this happens, you have the option of changing regions. However, this only works for PC drives. You can change regions by simply clicking on the globe icon, which is just above the settings button.

There you will find different regions available to play. Choose the region closest to yours so you don’t have a high ping. Ping matters a lot in games like Overwatch 2, so don’t start competitive queues until you get a stable ping.

Check NAT Type

Fix NAT type to fix LC error code 208 in Overwatch 2
Check your NAT type

The NAT type fix only applies to Xbox and PlayStation users. NAT stands for Network Address Translation. On PlayStation and Xbox, you can check your NAT type in Internet settings. Either it will be listed as strict or as moderate.

What’s important is that you need to make sure it’s not Strict/3/C. If it’s Strict/3/C, you’ll need to contact your ISP so it can be changed to Moderate/2/B. NAT Type Moderate/2/B is safe to use, and it will allow you to connect to the game’s various servers.

Change your DNS server

By default, you use the DNS server, provided by your Internet service provider. However, it is still possible to use a third-party DNS server to increase your network speed and connect to Overwatch 2’s server more efficiently to get rid of the error.

Changing DNS servers is simple if you know where to look. Additionally, you can easily revert the DNS server back to default if you no longer need it. To change the DNS server, you must first open the control panel.

  1. In the control panel you will find Network and Internet; Click on above.
    Go to Network and Internet in Control Panel
    Click on Network and Internet – Image captured by eXputer
  2. Then click on Network and Sharing Center.
  3. There you will find the option Change adaptation settings on the left side. Click on it.
    Go to Change adapter settings
    Click Change adapter settings – Image captured by eXputer
  4. Then right-click the connection whose DNS server you want to change and go to properties.
  5. In Properties you will need to check Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCIP/IPv4) and go to its properties.
    Fix the error by opening Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCIP/IPv4) properties
    Open Internet Protocol version 4 (TCIP/IPv4) properties – Image captured by eXputer
  6. When the properties window opens, check the box Use the following DNS server address at the bottom and enter and Then press OK. The DNS server mentioned is that of Google, and it is safe and secure.
    Change the DNS server to
    Put as DNS server – Image captured by eXputer

Last words

All in all, one of these five fixes will resolve the LC error code 208 you are facing in Overwatch 2 in no time. If these fixes don’t work, then obviously the fault lies with Overwatch 2’s ending. In that case, all you can do is wait until they fix the problem.

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