Online Benefits Miami SEO Prepares for a Busy 2022


Online benefits served the Miami Metropolitan area for four years

MIAMI, March 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Matt Maglodi, founder of full-service internet marketing company Online Advantages, is pleased to announce that he expects 2022 to be a particularly busy year for his business in the Miami, Florida Region.

To learn more about Online Advantages Miami SEO and how Maglodi and his team are preparing for a busy 2022, please visit

“Over the past four years, we have worked with business owners and managers across Miami to help continue to make it the strong and vibrant city it has been since its inception,” said Maglodi, adding that he was delighted to show Miami businesses new to SEO how Online Advantages Miami SEO can help them increase their online presence and sales.

Online Advantages offers the following SEO services in Miami:

  • Miami Search Engine Optimization
  • Miami SEO
  • Miami Local Search Optimization
  • A variety of other digital marketing services designed for businesses from Miami, Florida and surrounding areas.

Since 2010, Online Advantages has been helping businesses of all sizes, descriptions, and industry niches build their online presence and achieve superiority in their respective fields. Online Benefits Miami SEO is proud to be the premier source for SEO and internet marketing services.

Some of the industries online advantages serve in Miami, Florida and the surrounding regions are home to construction trades, including Miami plumbing, HVAC, electricians and paving companies at Miami; lawyers in Miami, Miami bakeries and restaurants; e-commerce in Florida; the financial sector; Miami Health care; charities and nonprofits in Miami, Florida and nationally and Miami auto mechanics and body shops.

Maglodi said he and his team are looking forward to a busy 2022. Miami business owners who want to learn more about how Online Advantages Miami SEO can help their business grow and thrive are encouraged to sign up for a free website review and SEO audit by visiting the Miami SEO website Online Benefits or by calling (305) 842-2040.

On Miami SEO Online Benefits:

Online Benefits Miami SEO is a one-stop, full-service internet marketing company. Founder Matt Maglodi specializes in all aspects of online marketing, from video marketing to pay-per-click advertising, organic search and social media. For more information, please visit

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