OncoSpark worked in tandem with members of MedicoCX for 9 months, analyzing the pain points of allergy practices, from the smallest to the largest, to create a targeted solution that optimizes resources. This collaboration has resulted in a platform that not only addresses the myriad aspects of prior authorization that cause delays, denials and inefficiencies in practice, but further ensures workflow efficiency through seamless connectivity and standardization. The platform provides the data needed for practices and staff to focus on the patient care process and reduces barriers to timely patient care.

Jordan JohnsonChief Innovation Officer of OncoSpark, said, “The onerous pre-authorization requirements and process present practices with a variety of hurdles, including problems submitting documents through disparate health plan web portals. . This remains a major issue in healthcare as we see an increase in the number of biologics and specialty drugs coming to market. By standardizing the process and creating relational data, we will be able to work directly with payers and pharmaceutical companies to drive optimization and value. »

While vendors and practices operate on razor thin margins, tracking, payer connectivity, insurance validation, HUB enrollment and support pathways in an integrated platform ensure viability and sustainability.

Elizabeth JohnsonCEO of MedicoCX, said, “Authparency creates simple standardization and automation for pre-authorization that previous practices navigated, documented and worked in multiple ways. This collaboration has allowed MedicoCX to think deeply about best practices in access for patients receiving highlight challenges and attribute success to hard-earned knowledge of prior authorization in a single solution allows our participants to provide better patient care. »

Jordan Johnson added, “The commitment and values ​​of both teams allow us to serve communities, patients and providers in a more dynamic and changing environment. Collaboration between our team’s subject matter experts, detailed data, decision makers, clinicians without distracted agendas allows us to move effectively and efficiently. Other integrations, modules and solutions are currently being developed to further enhance the Authparency platform.

About OncoSpark

OncoSpark is a 400+ member team committed to delivering value-based, technology-service-driven care through integrated data. OncoSpark’s combination of clinical, administrative, and industry expertise has made it one of the healthcare industry’s most trusted partners for practices, payers, providers, and vendors looking for a more effective approach and strategy. in the face of currently inefficient operational and financial processes. The depth of technology and subject matter expertise have made Oncospark the trusted partner for customers and partners in healthcare. Contact OncoSpark directly at [email protected] to learn more about our risk strategies, RCM management, data, solutions and platforms.

About MedicoCX

Founded in 2020, MedicoCX is a group of independent specialists, primarily allergists, dedicated to providing evidence-based and standardized care while capitalizing on cumulative purchasing power with the goal of reducing the cost of medical supplies and drugs, including biologics. By consolidating resources and working toward a unified mission, MedicoCX helps improve patient access to care, medication adherence, and other health-related outcomes while reducing waste and lowering overall cost and the burden on our members’ practices and the healthcare system as a whole . Contact MedicoCX at [email protected] or 208-642-0300.



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