Official Docker images are now available on Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public; Complete integration with AWS Graviton Service


Docker extends the trust, security, and performance of trusted content choice and architecture directly to AWS developers

LAS VEGAS, November 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Docker, Inc.® today announced the availability of official Docker images direct from Amazon Web Services, Inc (AWS). The Amazon Elastic Public container registry (Amazon ECR Public), a registry service provided by Amazon to manage container images, extends a long-standing collaboration between Docker and AWS to publish official Docker images from Docker Hub to public Amazon ECR. This announcement gives developers and development teams the ability to download verified and curated container images from their registry choice, providing them with familiar building blocks to build, ship, and run secure applications faster.

“Official Docker images are the most popular category of container images because they serve as a starting point for the majority of users and provide integrated solutions for programming language runtime environments, data stores and popular services, while ensuring that security updates are applied in a timely manner, ”said Scott Johnston, CEO of Docker. “Today, we’re making these images available to developers using AWS ECR, joining registry partners JFrog and Mirantis to deliver trusted Docker content wherever developers need it. “

With 15.8 billion container images retrieved per month from nearly 12.5 million repositories and used by millions of developers, Docker Hub is the industry’s leading container registry. Docker Hub gives developers the greatest breadth and depth of container images and plays a central role in building and sharing cloud-native applications. Docker Official Images is a collection of images of 160 open source projects popular with developers, including Ubuntu, Mongo, Neo4J, Spring, Python, Kafka, and more, and now extended for the first time on Amazon ECR Public.

“Customers tell us they appreciate the simplicity and discoverability that Amazon ECR Public offers, and they want us to continue to extend content to make it even more useful for building and running containerized applications,” said Deepak Singh, vice president, Compute Services. , AWS. “For this reason, we are delighted that Docker is bringing the official Docker images to Amazon ECR Public. Now, AWS customers can use these images while enjoying unlimited free downloads from ECR Public in AWS Regions and 5TB of free downloads per month outside of AWS Regions.

“At TableCheck, a global catering technology platform designed to help restaurants manage their in-house dining experience, we rely on the excellent availability and robust network of AWS ECR Public to extract images quickly and efficiently. reliably as part of our infrastructure, ”said Alexander Nicholson. , SRE manager at TableCheck. “With the inclusion of official Docker images on ECR Public, this reliability is now extended to images pulled by our developers, as they can continue to build with images they already trust, whether on Docker Hub or AWS ECR. public.

Docker also announced today that it has been awarded the AWS Graviton Ready designation as part of the Service Ready program from Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). This designation recognizes that Docker provides full support for Graviton / Arm64 across our product line and for official Docker images. With this designation, developers can use exactly the same development, build, and production workflows regardless of processor architecture, allowing them to take advantage of the best pricing performance from AWS Graviton.

Achieving the AWS Graviton Ready designation differentiates Docker as a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) with a product that integrates with AWS Graviton and is generally available and fully supported to AWS customers. AWS Service Ready Partners have successfully created products that are integrated with AWS services, helping AWS customers evaluate and use their technology productively, at scale, and with varying levels of complexity. Support for AWS Graviton complements end-to-end support for Arm development. Docker support for Arm development includes support for Apple M1 processors, hundreds of thousands of native Arm images on Docker Hub with the ability to build for multiple architectures from the same code base.

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