Northampton County Seeks Public Funding to Build 5 ‘Affordable’ Townhouses on Glendon Hotel Site | Lehigh Valley Regional News


Northampton County is seeking state funding to build five “affordable” townhouses on the site of the former Glendon Hotel.

The county’s General Purpose Authority met on Tuesday and learned that the Lamont McClure County Executive Administration plans to seek funding from the State of Pennsylvania for the project.

The definition of “affordable” varies. A federal government standard stipulates that the cost of housing should not exceed 30% of income.

The Main Street hotel was both a landmark and an eyesore. It was built in 1740 and demolished in December 2021. The building was abandoned years ago by its owner and the Borough of Glendon, with a population of around 450, did not have the resources to demolish it .

The GPA stepped in and gave Bean Inc. of Easton a $146,000 contract to demolish the old building. The State of Pennsylvania paid $130,000 of the demolition cost. GPA’s primary role is to arrange tax-exempt financing for projects that serve the public, allowing borrowers to pay lower interest rates. In this case, he took it upon himself to eliminate a safety hazard. The hotel was run down and in danger of collapsing into the street.

The hotel’s famous Sprite sign disappeared shortly before demolition. County officials speculated it could be in someone’s garage or for sale on eBay.

The GPA also oversees bridge projects in the county. Northampton County Council chairwoman Lori Vargo Heffner, who sits on the authority’s board, said: ‘I am happy to see there has been progress with the bridges.

She said the GPA will be able to return to its primary function of serving as a channel for low-interest financing once other projects are settled.


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