North Equities on updating investor relations campaigns for a new generation


During the pandemic, while seeking to engage with the outside world, retail investors fueled record amounts of account openings and trading volumes.

To find out how to engage this growing base of investors, Benzinga spoke with Ernest Chuang of North Actionsa solution to outdated investor relations initiatives.

Here is the conversation that took place.

Beniznga: Tell me about yourself and the company. What are you doing ?

Ernest Chuang: The majority of the team is made up of crypto guys. We started in the space in 2016 investing and eventually working on these crypto projects providing market services.

This included press releases, pay-per-click guides, an exchange help list, and plenty of tips. From website design to white paper writing, basically.

We did it for 100 clients and then the markets hit hard. In 2019, one such company we worked with was a public company issuing crypto tokens. We helped them a lot with advice and ended up getting shares for our work.

When we got to the stock markets, where there was a lack of engagement for any millennial type marketing, everyone was pushing out newsletters and landing pages – everything was stale.

We took a step back and developed solutions by creating North Equities, which specializes in millennial-type marketing. We have over 200 clients and a pretty decent record in Canada.

What services do you offer?

Articles on some channels. We also work with 2,000 influencers on our list. We find industry-specific influencers.

We also have Telegram and Discord services where we have a lot of group chats, and we are able to reach out and spread the message. Also on Twitter we have a network of accounts that can broadcast news or retweet what we share.

On YouTube, we even have AMAs with CEOs and that gets good engagement as well.

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Tell me about competition in space.

There is little overlap with any other Investor Relations (IR) firm. I would say 90% of IR companies are traditional; they call brokers and work with private investors, do newsletters or landing pages.

Our team is young and everyone grew up on social media. We know where to direct our attention––the highest channels of engagement.

Tell me about COVID-19 and the trends emerging from the pandemic?

Our whole business is based on this change.

We are at record retail account openings and our entire business model is based on this trend because we are targeting this audience and not the big players.

What we’re doing for this year is tweaking a lot of services or offerings, potentially removing some services that weren’t working so well and converting them into more efforts that are working.

However, everything remains focused on the social and the millennial.

Something you really want out of your chest? Looks like we’ve covered a lot.

Before COVID, there were roadshows. After COVID, it’s not the same. It’s online, and this change is likely to continue. On top of that, you’re seeing a transfer of wealth to millennials, and they’re the ones most receptive to our type of marketing.

If you don’t adapt your IR, you’re really going to lag behind the companies that do.

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