NitroPack adds 24/7 support coverage to its premium plans


NitroPack, the leading all-in-one site speed solution, today announced upgraded support services included in its premium plans. Instead of relying on regular support, all premium users will now get 24/7 support. The latest addition to NitroPack’s offer is unrelated to price changes. All current premium plan users can count on round-the-clock support with no additional fees to apply.

“Leading the way in web performance optimization is NitroPack’s only goal. However, over the years we have realized that even though our customers come for the solutions our service provides, they stay because of our attitude towards their problems,” said Deyan Georgiev, CEO and co-founder of NitroPack. “That’s why we are constantly investing in our support team and looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience with NitroPack, not only on a product level, but also on a personal level.”

This announcement follows a year and a half milestone for NitroPack after it drastically improved the support service it offers. After growing its support team from 7 to 20 people and reducing its average response time from 52 hours to 27 minutes in less than 18 months, NitroPack is now reshaping the SaaS industry by offering something few companies in their domain do.

“In addition to providing the best speed solutions, we have always imagined that this went hand in hand with top-notch support. This way our customers can get the most out of their NitroPack subscriptions. We are improving day by day and being able to support our users 24/7 is a big step towards that goal. said Ivailo Hristov, CTO and co-founder of NitroPack. “One thing is for sure, whatever we do, we want to be the best. Offering 24/7 support isn’t the norm in our industry, but we’ve done it. If there’s anything we want our users to remember, it’s that we’re not afraid to change the status quo in favor of delivering a better product.

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NitroPack is the leading all-in-one site speed solution that optimizes over 129,000 websites worldwide. As the all-in-one solution and the most comprehensive speed optimization service in the world, NitroPack combines all the features a website owner could need for a fast website. Advanced caching, image optimization, code optimization, integrated global CDN, lazy loading – name it, NitroPack has it. Founded in 2018 and based in Sofia, NitroPack’s mission is to provide every website owner with the opportunity to achieve world-class web performance.

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