Nigerian Tier 1 Operator Globacom Signs Network Extension Agreement with Ceragon


SMALL FALLS, NJ, January 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ceragon Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ-GS:CRNT), the global innovator and leading provider of 5G wireless transport solutions, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Globacom, the second-largest carrier in Nigeria, to further expand its network and enable it to maintain its state-of-the-art technology. Globacom aspires to build africa largest and best telecommunications network and, as such, the agreement with Ceragon will significantly increase the capacity of its network and improve the delivery of services to customers.

As part of the multimillion-dollar agreement, Ceragon will provide Globacom with a customized solution that covers long-haul rural areas, high-capacity metro as well as the access network – enabling it to not only improve the quality experience of its existing subscribers, but also to extend its reach in order to further increase its market share. The project, launched in the fourth quarter of 2021, is expected to be completed in the first half of 2022.

Doron Arazicommented the CEO of Ceragon Networks“Ceragon is committed to partnering with its global customers to deliver reliable and exceptional experiences, and this project for Globacom is no different. We partner with our customers to deliver customized, turnkey solutions that consider and best meet their current and future needs.With the imminent deployment of 5G services in NigeriaGlobacom can rest assured that its network is ready for 5G.”

The project will provide a solution to fiber cut issues, as Globacom will leverage Ceragon’s IP-50 E-Band solution to provide a metro backhaul instead of fiber, and sometimes as a backup. With TCO optimization in mind, this solution will deliver a high capacity of 10 Gbps over the air, with upgradeability up to 20 Gbps as needed. This solution, along with others provided in this large project, is not only quick to deploy, but significantly reduces CAPEX and allows Globacom to benefit from a rapid time to market.

Globacom operates in a highly competitive environment and as such is always looking to improve and expand its connectivity services. “We believe that our partnership with Ceragon will contribute to our desire to build the most robust and advanced telecommunications network. Ceragon’s field-proven solutions and services enable us to quickly and reliably scale our 4G and future 5G network and capacity needs, while minimizing our overall total cost of ownership (TCO),” commented Globacom. .

About Ceragon Networks

Ceragon Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ-GS:CRNT) is the global innovator and leading provider of 5G wireless transport solutions. With a vision to create equal digital opportunities for all people around the world, we bring communications capabilities everywhere by providing robust, fiber-like wireless connectivity. We help carriers and other service providers increase operational efficiency and improve end-customer quality of experience with rapidly deployable wireless backhaul and fronthaul solutions. Our customers include service providers, public safety organizations, government agencies and utility companies, who use our solutions to deliver 5G and 4G broadband wireless connectivity, mission critical media services, stabilized communications and other high reliability and speed applications.

Ceragon’s unique multi-core technology and disaggregated approach to wireless transport delivers highly reliable, fast-to-deploy, high-capacity wireless transport for 5G and 4G networks with minimal spectrum, power, bandwidth usage. real estate and labor resources. It enables increased productivity, as well as quick and easy network modernization, positioning Ceragon as one of the leading solution providers for the 5G era. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of turnkey AI-powered managed and professional services that ensure efficient network deployment and optimization to achieve the highest value for our customers. Our solutions are deployed by more than 400 service providers, as well as more than 800 private network owners, in more than 140 countries. For more information, please visit:


Globacom is west africa leading provider of digital solutions. The company started its activities in 2003 as from Nigeria national telecommunications operator. He currently has over 53 million subscribers and is credited with leading from Nigeria telephone penetration by driving down the cost of voice and data services. It is also the leader in broadband penetration with its nationwide fiber optic cable and 4G LTE network.

Under the direction of its founder and president, Dr. Mike Adenuga, Jr. (GCON), Globacom is today the largest provider of integrated technology services in Nigeriaserving enterprises, SMEs, midsize companies, public sector organizations and millions of people around the world Nigeria and Ghana. In 2010, the company single-handedly built an independent submarine cable, Glo 1, from the UK at Nigeria, with branches in several African countries. The institution has contacted west africa need for bandwidth and has provided governments, individuals and businesses with the benefits of reliable and affordable Internet.

To learn more about Globacom, visit

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