Nicklaus Hernandez obituary (1982 – 2022)

Nicklaus Shane Hernandez, 39, of Amarillo, Texas, entered into eternal life on Saturday, March 5, 2022 surrounded by his family. We are at peace knowing that his body is fully restored with Jesus.

Nick was born on April 24, 1982 to Diane and Frank Hernandez. Although premature, he grew out of that and became a gentle giant (unless you played with someone he liked).

Nick was his mother’s shining light, forcing his little sister, Constance, to walk early so Nick could be held.

Growing up in Amarillo, TX, Nick graduated from Tascosa High School in 2000. He had a great love for cars, especially Camaros. He loved nothing more than cruising around in his Z28 listening to everything from the 90s. His love for computers started when he attended AACAL. Since then it was Napster, CD burning, videos, web design and programming.

Nick loved researching everything! He was everyone’s reference for your technical and medical questions. It was a walking encyclopedia. Nick had many accomplishments in his short life, including running a successful tree business, Texas Tree & Lawn, earning multiple IT certifications, and passing on the Hernandez name by starting his own family.

Nick had many titles. Son. Husband. Dad. Brother. Uncle. Friend. He wore them all with pride and excelled in all of them. Nick loved and loved deeply, his love for his family and friends was incredible. Nick was our protector and guardian. When he was there, we were all safe.

In 2019, Nick and his wife, Diana, welcomed their son, Nikola. If you’ve spoken to him since then, you knew his proudest moment was becoming a father. Niko was a huge source of pleasure and seeing him transform into a mini-Nick filled Nick with so much pride and joy.

In 2020, Nick and his family left small town life behind and moved to Universal City, TX. Probably not what he envisioned when they decided to move to San Antonio. Full of dreams and goals for the future, Nick found the perfect opportunity to further his education and support his family. Spending many nights balancing late night study sessions and playtime with Niko, he worked hard to provide a fulfilling life for his family.

He once found success in South Texas – because who wouldn’t want to provide tech support to Microsoft? – it was his mission to bring everyone he knew here. Many nights were spent convincing family and friends that this was the place to be.

Despite his tough exterior, Nick was the one to call when you needed a helping hand. He was a kind, loving, caring, handsome, funny and playful man like no other. If you were lucky enough to know him, you know exactly what we mean.

Nick’s personality filled the room, always cracking jokes, turning up the music and making sure everyone was having a good time.

His unique mannerisms will forever stay with us, from his unique pronunciation of words to his signature look – you knew he was serious when he pulled out the chain and his sunglasses. We will look around and remember that he is always with us.

Nick was a devoted husband and father. A source of security and comfort. He was the best teacher and caretaker. Always caring, patient and loving, putting Niko on a pedestal and leaving so many nuggets of information for Niko to find.

Nick was an amazing son, always making sure his mum had what she needed. A wonderful big brother, wow those words almost speak for themselves. A brother who always protected, taught and guided his sister, loved dearly and was her partner in crime. Constance’s bubba, still there. Never angry, just sweet, protective and loving. A guardian of Constance. Nick was much more than a brother, he was the male figure in Constance’s life, whom she admired and adored. She could always count on him no matter what. His love is unlike anything or anyone else. He hid things to protect her, always by her side. He said going after her made her “hard as nails”. He never wanted to weigh her down. But he could never be a burden to her. He was her protector.

Uncle Nick. The love he had for his many nieces and nephews was incredible. The bond they shared will be cherished forever. Uncle Nick is one of our favorite phrases to hear from kids. The joy they experienced with him was endless. So comforting.

Nick was predeceased by his maternal grandparents, Dorothy and John David Smith and his paternal grandparents, Juanita and Frank Hernandez, Sr. We know they welcome him with open arms.

Nick is survived by his wife, Diana, and son Nikola Hernandez of San Antonio, TX. By his mother, Diane Smith; father, Frank Hernandez Jr and wife Cristina; his sister Constance Greene and her husband Dylan, nieces, McKenzie and Kinley, nephew, Korben, of Amarillo, TX; siblings Josh, Heather and Nicole of Amarillo, TX; as well as nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins ​​from Amarillo & San Antonio, TX.

On behalf of Nick’s family, we would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of love, prayers and support during this difficult time. Services will be held in San Antonio and Amarillo, details to follow.

TL;DR – We have lost an incredible man. This world will never be the same for those who love it. His loss creates a void that cannot be filled. Thank you for the love, prayers and support.

Published by Legacy Remembers from March 11 to March 12, 2022.


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