New Texas Pregnancy Support Center Provides ‘Abundant Life’ for Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancy


After seeing an unmet need in her Texan community, a woman stepped in and, along with others, began to fill the void in helping women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Amanda Hodges Pruitt from Athens, Texas, with the support of her church, opened Abundant Pregnancy Resource Center earlier this month.

Discover the need

Pruitt had joined groups praying for sanctuary cities for unborn children in their state, including a community in their county.

“We were praying for the presence of God in the city, leading to a vote on the ordinance,” she said.

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Although it was a good effort, later an idea came to Pruitt’s mind.

“I was like, ‘This is great, I love it, but what do we say to women who think abortion is their only option?’ She said. “We are not offering them any alternative or any help. We just say, “This is wrong and we don’t want it here.” “

There is a growing desire to help these women.

“Someone mentioned a pregnancy resource center,” Pruitt said. “I had to find out what it was. I started to think about it and I was like, ‘Oh sure.’ “

She spoke with her pastor about Church of the community of faith and found out that he had opened a pregnancy resource center through his old church in Atlanta, Georgia. He was open to a similar business.

“His response to me was, ‘Well, I’ve been praying about this for 10 years since I moved to East Texas. I’ve done it before, ”said Pruitt. “So, we went to the front of the church, had a little interest meeting, and everyone said ‘yes!'”

Amanda Hodges Pruitt / Photo credit Shelli Parker

The church body voted to sponsor the startup, she added.

It was May 2021. In early December, the Pregnancy Resource Center opened.

To start

A steering committee was formed after the church approved the start of the center. The group applied for and received federal nonprofit status. They rented a space and the owner gave the new organization free rent for two months.

“It’s really, really amazing to see it all come together,” said Pruitt.

A fundraising event was held in October and people not only supported the new center with their money, but also with their time. The center was named Abundant Pregnancy Resource Center and now has around thirty volunteers.

“God was in it all,” Pruitt said. “We are six months away and our doors are open. It is absolutely amazing to watch!

Shelli parker

Before the opening, Pruitt visited another pregnancy center located around 30 minutes from Athens. She wanted to know more about how such a facility works and see the services in action. She received a surprise during this visit.

“The manager said to me, ‘We prayed for Athens… because we have a lot of clients who come from Athens,” said Pruitt. “All the neighboring counties have a PRC (Pregnancy Resource Center), but we didn’t have one in our county – now we do! We are responding to a need.

The center, located a short distance from a community college, is open two days a week. During the first three days the phone started ringing.

“I think with the pro-life movement going on and the Texas Heartbeat Bill and all the other things going on, I think it was just God’s time for it to happen now. “said Pruitt.

Tweet this: “I think that was just the timing of God for it to happen now.” – Amanda Pruitt, executive director of the Abundant Lifetime Pregnancy Resource Center.

Raise awareness, prepare customers

Pruitt and her volunteers are working to educate their community about the new Pregnancy Resource Center. A story in the local media was recently published picked up through Yahoo sports. Volunteers distributed flyers in the community. The center has a Facebook page and one website, thanks to a volunteer who works in web design and interior design.

“God has brought us so many talented people,” said Pruitt. “It’s breathtaking! “

“A woman from our church designed our website and our brochures, and she designed our shop – it looks like a shop,” Pruitt continued. “She said, ‘I want this to be an experience for them…’ and it’s just beautiful!

Shelli parker

The center enjoys great support from Faith Fellowship and other local churches. Event hosted by a group of women brought baby supplies

“Now we have an abundance of diapers and wipes,” Pruitt said.

The center also received many clothing items.

“We have a lot of things we want to give people to help them start or continue their parenting journey,” said Pruitt.

“We are not a warehouse,” she said. “We’ve been given these articles to pass on to others, and that’s what we’re doing. “

Abundant life

The name of the organization, Abundant Life Pregnancy Resource Center, comes from John 10:10. In this verse of Scripture, Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life and have it fully.

Sharing the love of Christ with clients and the hope and abundant life that it offers is a priority for Pruitt and his team.

Shelli parker

“Our number one goal is to tell them about Jesus,” said Pruitt.

“Our goal number two is to give them practical resources to make choices that empower them, and then, after making the decision to become a parent, to learn how to be a truly successful parent,” she added. “This is my greatest passion after the gospel – how can we help you be successful? “

A former foster mother, Pruitt knows that many families do not have this success, and she wants to change that trajectory. In addition to offering free pregnancy tests, the Abundant Life Pregnancy Resource Center offers advice on pregnancy options, community referrals, and parenting classes using the Bright Course program.

Pruitt also has a vision for the future of the pregnancy center. A postabortion recovery program is expected to begin in the New Year, and becoming a pregnancy medical resource center, offering ultrasound scans, is a dream for the future.

She also hopes to offer workshops, not only for the centre’s clients, but for the community. Practical topics and relevant programs to help single mothers and families are being considered, she said, such as CPR, car maintenance, cooking and budgeting.

“I want to have some really practical things that help people in our community,” Pruitt said.

Responding to the needs of women and families in Athens, highlighting and sharing the love of Christ – Pruitt and the volunteers at the Abundant Life Pregnancy Resource Center provide hope and opportunity for an abundant life, a woman and one step at a time.


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